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17-Apr-2012Characterization of the risk of palytoxin and analogues as seafood contaminantsTubaro, Aurelia; Del Favero, Giorgia; Lorenzon, Paola
26-Mar-2010Cyclic polyether phycotoxins in vitro studies: effects of yessotoxin on a primary culture of rat cardiomyocytes-comparison of ciguatoxins and brevetoxins potency on human VGSC of brain and peripheral sensory neurons expressed in HEK293 cellsTubaro, Aurelia; Tubaro, Aurelia; Dell'ovo, Valeria; Florio, Chiara; Ramsdell, John S.; Dechraoui Bottein, Marie-yasmine
23-Apr-2013Food safety: developement of new methods for marine algal toxins detectionGago-martinez, Ana; Tubaro, Aurelia; Barreras Garcia, Alvaro
8-Apr-2011Novel nanostructures for biosensing and drug deliveryPrato, Maurizio; Zamolo, Valeria Anna; Tubaro, Aurelia; Paolucci, Francesco
11-Apr-2014Palytoxin and Okadaic acid as seafood contaminants: risk caracterization.Tubaro, Aurelia; Beltramo, Dario
5-Apr-2011Studio della tossicità da palitossina e composti analoghi mediante modelli in vitro e in vivoTubaro, Aurelia; De Bortoli, Marco
17-Apr-2012Toxicological effects of palytoxin after cutaneous exposureTubaro, Aurelia; Pelin, Marco; Florio, Chiara
Showing results 1 to 7 of 7