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9-Mar-20073D laser scanner based on surface silicon micromachining techniques for shape and size reconstruction of the human ear canalDi Fabrizio, Enzo; Di Fabrizio, Enzo; Prasciolu, Mauro; Tommasini, Fernando
10-Apr-2008Applications and limits of raman spectroscopy in the study of colonic and pulmonary malformations.Sergo, Valter; Codrich, Daniela
10-Apr-2008Characterization and manipulation of single molecules and molecular complexes by low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy.Comelli, Giovanni; Dri, Carlo; Africh, Cristina; Esch, Friedrich
10-Apr-2008Crowding effects on biochemical reactions of surface-bound DNA.Scoles, Giacinto; Casalis, Loredana; Castronovo, Matteo; Morgante, Michele
8-Mar-2007Design and microfabrication of a smart 3D scaffold for tissue engineering with vascular and immuno-protection capabilitiesTormen, Massimo; Prati, Ubaldo; Bakeine, Gerald James; Tommasini, Fernando
10-Apr-2008Design of nanostructured catalysts for H2 production and CO2 hydrogenation.Fornasiero, Paolo; De Rogatis, Loredana; Vesselli, Erik
10-Apr-2008Electrical characterization of organic monolayers at the nanoscale: a differential scanning conductive tip AFM investigationScoles, Giacinto; Casalis, Loredana; Scaini, Denis
8-Apr-2009Engineering of coiled-coil protein scaffolds as innovative tools for biosensing applicationsMarzari, Roberto; Marzari, Roberto; Gaiotto, Tiziano; Sblattero, Daniele
8-Apr-2009Extensive oxidation treatments: ageing effects on a catalytic model system studied in UHV by STMComelli, Giovanni; Africh, Cristina; Blasetti, Cecilia; Esch, Friedrich
10-Apr-2008Functionalization and application of carbon nanohorns and carbon onions.Prato, Maurizio; Cioffi, Carla Tiziana
8-Apr-2009III-V semiconducting nanowires by molecular beam epitaxyFranciosi, Alfonso; Rubini, Silvia; Jabeen, Fauzia
10-Apr-2008Molecular mobility of trehalose in relation to its bioprotective action.Cesaro, Attilio; De Giacomo, Ornela Zulma; Di Fonzo, Silvia
8-Apr-2009Multiscale simulation of polymer-clay nanocompositesFermeglia, Maurizio; Danani, Andrea; Scocchi, Giulio
8-Apr-2009New approaches for discrete and continuum analysis of the mechanical behaviour of cellSergo, Valter; Codan, Barbara; Valdevit, Lorenzo
9-Mar-2007Optical tweezers for the study of microbubble dynamics in ultrasoundDi Fabrizio, Enzo; Garbin, Valeria; Tommasini, Fernando; Cojoc, Danut Adrian; Versluis, Michel
8-Apr-2009Spectroscopic procedure for in vivo detection of liver metastases in a rat modelPrati, Ubaldo; Trotta, Francesco; Tormen, Massimo
10-Apr-2008Studio della risposta compatibile di nicotina benthamiana al turnip vein-clearing virus (TVCV).Florian, Fiorella; Dreos, Rene'
10-Apr-2008Synthetic nanopores and nanoparticles for the detection and the manipulation of biological molecules.Firrao, Giuseppe; Moretti, Manola; Di Fabrizio, Enzo
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18