03 3rd Simone Assemani Symposium on Islamic Coins

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Bruno Callegher

Andrea Gariboldi
Aspetti di economia monetale nei documenti di Monte Mug. Con una appendice sui ritrovamenti di monete sasanidi, arabo-sasanidi e umayyadi in Tagikistan

Giulio Bernardi
Un tremisse di transizione con croce trasformata in palma stilizzata (sec. VII)

Frank R. Trombley
Some Greek and bilingual Arab-Byzantine bronze coins of Damascus and Hims-Emesa: some new examples of iconography and palaeography, with reference to some Byzantine issues of the late 6th and 7th centuries

Mohamed Ghodhane
Un fals umayyade rare au nom d’Atrabuls /Tripoli: étude du type, de conjoncture et d’atelier

Norman D. Nicol
Some Additions to A Corpus of Fatimid Coin

M. Alaa Aldin Alchomari
Trésor de Buseyra (Karkisiya)

Vladimir Belyaev, Vladimir Nastich, Sergey Sidorovich
The coinage of qara khitay: a new evidence (on the reign title of the Western Liao Emperor Yelü Yilie)

Vladimir N. Nastich
Early Islamic Copper Coinage of Transoxiana. A Generic Survey Focused on Newly Discovered Coin Types

Arianna D'Ottone
Ludovico Stanzani: freemason architect and coin connoisseur. Notes on his biography and collection

Mohammad Younis
"Malik Muluk Al-Umara"
New Laqab On Ai-Aba Dinar

Irakli Paghava
The First Arabic Coinage of Georgian Monarchs: Rediscovering the Specie of Davit IV the Builder (1089-1125), King of Kings and Sword of Messiah

Nikolaus Schindel
Umayyad Lead Coins

Nitzan Amitai- Preiss
Umayyad Vocabulary on Administrative Objects from Palestine

Maria Amalia De Luca
Sicilia Aghlabita: Nuove testimonianze numismatiche

Arianna D'Ottone
Umayyad and ‘Abbasid Glass Stamps from a Private Collection

Giancarlo Alteri
Giuseppe Simonio Assemani tra manoscritti e monete orientali


The 3rd Assemani Symposium was dedicated to the transitional period of Islamic coinage, aiming at putting in context the Umayyad numismatic materials. The bulk of the papers published in these Proceedings is therefore focused on this theme, but the contributions also take into account Arab-Sasanian and Arab-Byzantine issues, as well as early Umayyad coins from various regions of the Dār al-Islām (Transoxiana, Sogdiana, Libya,…). Other papers throw light on different periods and objects of Numismatic interest (seals, glass stamps, history of collecting), as the vocation of this Symposium is to be the occasion of a wide-range scientific exchange on Arabic and Islamic Numismatics.

Bruno Callegher: His scientific interests can be defined with in two major research ambits, one relating to Roman coin finds in North-Eastern Italy, the other regarding Byzantine coinage. He has been Keeper at the ‘Museo Bottacin’ in Padua and since 2006 associate professor of Numismatics at the University of Trieste.

Arianna D’Ottone: Researcher of Arabic Language and Literature at the Institute of Oriental Studies, Sapienza – University of Rome. Her domains of research are Islamic Numismatics and Arabic manuscripts.