Slavica Tergestina 20 (2018/I)


Literary Theory in Bulgaria

Tenev Darin

What is it That is Being Threatened? Introductory Words

Stoyanov Enyo

Poststructuralist Backgrounds: the Political Strategies of Resistance in the Literary- Theoretical Debates during the 1960–1970s in Bulgaria

Nikolchina Miglena

Anti-Odysseus: Orphism and Late Communism in Bulgaria

Spassova Kamelia

Authentic and Heterogeneous Mimesis: Reflection and Self-reflexivity in Todor Pavlov and Yuri Lotman

Kalinova Maria

Exotopy: Mikhail Bakhtin and Jacques Lacan on the Outside Context of Discourse

Tenev Darin

Tension Episodes (A Fragment of the History of Literary Theory in Bulgaria. The Case of the Bulgarian Guillaumist School)


Skubaczewska-Pniewska Anna

Between the Sureness of Theory and the Folly of Literature. A commentary to the reception of Saussure’s theory of language (from Jakobson to Bagić)

Rezoničnik Lidija

Das slowenische Gesicht': Literarische Reportage über Auswandereridentitäten

Благојевић Ненад

«Четыре жизни» Василия Ивановича Чапаева (об одном мифотворческом феномене Гражданской войны в России 1917–1923 гг)

Викторович Филиппов Юрий

(Еще раз) о перспективах российской лингвокультурологии

Penta Lorenzo

Tendenze recenti nella formazione delle parole del russo contemporaneo


Verč Ivan

Ritorno alla filologia

Poniž Denis

Monografija o pesnici Anni A. Ahmatovi


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