The Interpreters' Newsletter n. 26 - 2021


Delizée Anne, Niemants Natacha

De la richesse thématique et méthodologique en interprétation de dialogue / Thematic and methodological richness in dialogue interpreting

Van De Geuchte Sofie, Van Vaerenbergh Leona

A non-native-speaking patient with and without an interpreter: what is the difference? A case study in mental health

Gallez Emmanuelle

Un format horizontal pour transcrire et analyser les interactions triadiques interprétées

Delizée Anne

Alignement et position subjective, une double focale analytique pour observer la dynamique interactionnelle en interprétation de dialogue

Torpiano Gabrielle, Salaets Heidi, Flynn Peter

A study on the impact of interpreter intervention in the Maltese Criminal Courts

Brambilla Emanuele

Interpreting at B2B wine tasting events. Pragma-dialectical insights

De Boe Esther

Management of overlapping speech in remote healthcare interpreting

Caniglia Enrico, Zanettin Federico

The interpreter and the spectacle of confrontation

Gavioli Laura, Baraldi Claudio

Interactional constraints on interpreters’ action: the case of clinicians’ comments about cultural differences

Lázaro Gutiérrez Raquel

Analysis of face-threatening acts against telephone interpreters

Zanot Irene

Teaching dialogue interpreting by distance mode in the COVID-19 era: a challenge for the present, an opportunity for the future

Downie Jonathan, Turner Graham H.

Integrating interpreting into institutional practice: sign language interpreting in the Police and National Health Service in Scotland