02 Sylloge of Islamic Coins in the Israel Museum. The Paul Balog Collection. Egypt vol. III The Mamlūks 1248-1517


James S. Snyder


Stefan B. Heidemann, Haim Gilter

Paul Balog and the Sylloge Project of the Israel Museum

Warren C. Schultz

The Mamluk Mints in Egypt and the Islamic Monetary Tradition

The Mamluk Sultans in Egypt


Religion Inscriptions

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Alexandria – al-Iskandriyya

Cairo – al-Qahira

Excerpta from Catalogue

Appendix: A Hoard of Mamlūk Copper Coins


The Israel Museum’s Islamic Coins Sylloge Project

The present volume is the first in a series devoted to the Islamic coins in the collection of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. The majority of these coins were donated to the Museum by the late Paul Balog. The Israel Museum is proud to continue Balog’s legacy by making his rich coin collection available to the public. The adoption of the sylloge format, organized by individual mints, is best suited to the needs of scholars of political and monetary history. The Egyptian series is by far the strongest in Balog’s collection, and one of the largest of its kind. Appropriately, the Mamlūk mints of Egypt were chosen to be the subject of the first volume of the series.

Issa M. Baidoun is an Islamic art historian and numismatist and affiliated with the numismatic department at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. He is also a fellow of the Israel Numismatic Society.

Haim Gitler is Curator of Numismatics at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. He is currently the President of the Israel Numismatic Society and a lecturer at Tel Aviv University.

Stefan B. Heidemann is Associate Curator in the Department of Islamic Art at The Metropolitan Museum, as well as Professor of Islamic History and Artistic and Material Culture at The Bard Graduate Center, New York.

Warren C. Schultz is Professor of History at DePaul University, Chicago. He is also a fellow of the American Numismatic Society.