New Antimicrobials Project 2nd Workshop : New Compounds & New Strategies for Antimicrobials


Antibacterial resistance is spreading globally at an alarming rate and continues to increase. New potent antibacterial agents and therapies are therefore continually needed. In recent years, new antibacterial compounds have mainly been additions to the existing classes of drugs and truly new structures have rarely been developed. Pharmaceutical industry has little interest in developing new structures due to high investment and low profit expectancy. The derivatives of existing drugs however raise bacterial resistance much faster than completely new compounds. To overcome the chronic problem of antibiotic resistance, totally new compounds and approaches are required, involving collaboration of researchers from various disciplines, as well as high societal investments. The NAM (New Antimicrobials) Project is funded by the Marie Curie Actions of the EU Seventh Framework Programme. The aim was to foster collaboration and exchange of personnel between academic groups and companies working on various aspects of antimicrobials: new sources, new approaches and mode-of action. This is the second Workshop organised within the NAM project and its aim is to coalesce the experience of NAM project members with that of participants from other academic and industry groups.