TSPC2016: Proceedings of the Trieste Symposium on Perception and Cognition, November 4th 2016

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Bernardis Paolo, Fantoni Carlo, Gerbino Walter

TSPC2016: Proceedings of the Trieste Symposium on Perception and Cognition, November 4th 2016

Bernardis Paolo, Fantoni Carlo, Gerbino Walter, Chiandetti Cinzia



Fitch William Tecumseh

The 24th Kanizsa Lecture

da Pos Osvaldo

Stimuli and context in perception

Malashichev Yegor

Mother-infant lateral biases in humans and wild animals: conservatism of the phenomenon and its benefits for fitness

Agrillo Christian, Parrish Audrey E., Gori Simone, Beran Michael J., Bisazza Angelo

Optical illusions as a tool to understand visual perception in monkeys and fish

Osorio Daniel

How cuttlefish see objects

Virant-Doberlet Meta

A day in a life of a bug linguist

Giraldi Tullio

Mindfulness for dummies?

Coricelli Carol, Toepel Ulrike, Bielser Marie-Laure, Murray Micah M., Rumiati Raffaella I.

Distinct brain representations of natural and manufactured foods: a spatio-temporal brain dynamics investigation

Dalmaso Mario, Castelli Luigi, Scatturin Pietro, Galfano Giovanni

Microsaccadic rate is shaped by working memory load

Marković Slobodan, Bulut Tara

Attractiveness of the female body: Preference for average or supernormal?

Shamloo Soraya E., Carnaghi Andrea, Piccoli Valentina, Grassi Michele, Bianchi Mauro

Look and Imagine Yourself Giving that Same Touch: The Role of Intergroup Vicarious Physical Contact in Racial Prejudice Revision

Stefanović Marija, Tošković Oliver

Object stability estimation – Effects of aspect ratio and body position

Talamini Francesca, Altoè Gianmarco, Carretti Barbara, Grassi Massimo

Musicians have a better memory than nonmusicians: a meta-analysis

Todorović Dejan

A distance-dependent size perception paradox

Rose Jonas

Exploring the Cognitive Capacity of birds

Antoniol Anna, Caputi Andrea, Chiandetti Cinzia

Evidence of population-level lateralization in a non-social crustacean, the crayfish Procambarus clarkii

Athanasakis Emmanouil, Faletra Francesca, Stefanucci Marta Rachele, Licastro Danilo, Gerbino Walter, Lonciari Isabella, Faletra Flavio

Genetic analysis of developmental dyslexia in an Italian cohort: preliminary data

Baiocchi Valerio, Chiandetti Cinzia

Biological roots for the appreciation of consonant sounds

Baldassi Giulio, Prpic Valter, Goodridge Courtney, Agostini Tiziano, Fantoni Carlo, Soranzo Alessandro

Does the dimensionality of the perceived size play a role in the SNARC-like effect for visual illusions?

Barbiero Chiara, Burani Cristina, Carrozzi Marco, Lonciari Isabella, Ronfani Luca, Gerbino Walter

Typography and Dyslexia: A Comparison Between Adults and Children With Dyslexia

Bastiani Federica, Saurel-Cubizolles Marie-Josephe, Romito Patrizia

Help seeking process among women who sought help at an Anti-violence Centre

Bencich Erica, Gamboz Nadia, Di Blas Lisa, Brandimonte Maria Antonella

The color of multi-lit objects

Caputi Andrea, Gerbino Walter, Giulianini Piero Giulio, Chiandetti Cinzia

Habituation of the alertness response in crayfish is modulated by stimuli with socially relevant information

Cmiljanović Marija, Zdravković Sunčica

Social distance as a measure for Uncanny Valley Effect

Cossovel Christopher, Träff Ulf, Passolunghi Maria Chiara

Cognitive profiles of children with dyslexia with and without dyscalculia

De Caro Elide, Di Blas Lisa

Daily Fluctuations in Food Craving, Mood, and Body Dissatisfaction

De Dea Federica, Zanus Caterina, Carrozzi Marco, Accardo Antonino

EEG connectivity in sleep spindles of ADHD children

De Martino Maria, Mancuso Azzurra, Esposito Fabrizio, Di Salle Francesco, Elia Annibale, Vietri Simonetta, Laudanna Alessandro

Inflecting regular and irregular verbs: preliminary neuroimaging data from the three Italian conjugations

De Vita Chiara, Costa Hiwet Mariam, Passolunghi Maria Chiara

Approximate Number System (ANS) acuity, mathematical ability and inhibitory control: A longitudinal perspective from First to Second grades

Dissegna Andrea, Turatto Massimo, Chiandetti Cinzia

Context matters: Domestic chicks’ short- and long-term habituation of freezing to a sudden acoustic stimulus

Drammis Letizia M., Brandimonte Maria A.

The development of space-time and space-number associations: The role of concrete vs. abstract representations

Galliussi Jessica, Gerbino Walter, Bernardis Paolo

The modulation of primary task difficulty in a fast-TIPL paradigm

Gorjup Rado, Bernardis Paolo, Grassi Michele, Gerbino Walter

Approaching Behavior and State Anxiety Influence Vigilance Performance in the High Cognitive Load Task

Horoufchin Houpand, Bzdok Danilo, Buccino Giovanni, Borghi Anna M., Binkofski Ferdinand

The Body of Language

Marcatto Francesco, Tognolli Gabrio, Plet Sabrina, Zorzetto Nicolò, Del Missier Fabio

When the whole is less than the sum of its parts: Individual idea generation outperforms group brainstorming

Martinčić Renata, Di Blas Lisa, Pelamatti Giovanna Maria, Penolazzi Barbara, Mariani Marta

Mental health budget as a tool to contrast disease chronicity: Preliminary findings of a longitudinal study on autonomy development

Mezzarobba Susanna, Grassi Michele, Catalan Mauro, Pellegrini Lorella, Valentini Roberto, Krüger Bjorn, Manganotti Paolo, Bernardis Paolo

Multisensory Action Observation a promising tool to improve freezing of gait in Parkinson’s disease: preliminary data

Moretti Luca, Caiani Giacomo, Vallesi Antonino

Processing speed, cognitive reserve and paradigm mediate task switching performance across the life span

Nedimović Pedrag, Zdravković Sunčica

Effect of largest illumination area on lightness of an object

Pellizzoni Sandra, Suklan Sara, Passolunghi Maria Chiara

Anxiety and math skills which relations? A longitudinal study in the third year of primary school

Prenassi Marco, Rossi Lorenzo, Marceglia Sara

Assessing the feasibility of using a commercially available bracelet to detect motor symptoms for home telemonitoring in patients with Parkinson’s disease

Radovic Tara, Markovic Slobodan

Role of emotional and perceptual features in visual search task

Roman-Pognuz Erik, Penolazzi Barbara, Gerbino Walter, Manganotti Paolo, Monti Fabrizio, Berlot Giorgio

SSEP N20 amplitude as an early predictor of neurological outcome in cardiac arrest survivors treated with therapeutic hypothermia

Rossi Federica, Zuliani Eleonora, Andreolli Guido, Montanaro Elisa, Lopiano Leonardo de’Sperati Claudio

Our poor sense of video speed

Sors Fabrizio, Murgia Mauro Lath Franziska, Bader Alexandra, Agostini Tiziano

Listen carefully! The importance of auditory cues in anticipating volleyball serves

Stojković Ana, Milosavljević Nikola

How children tell a lie: gender and school achievement differences in children's lie-telling

Struzzo Pierluigi, Marcatto Francesco, Ferrante Donatella, Allamani Allaman, Scafuri Francesca

Alcohol dependence in the Italian general population: diagnostic criteria according to general practitioners and to the CIDI (Composite International Diagnostic Interview)

Szabó Eszter, Kovács Ágnes-Melinda

Understanding nonexistential negation in 18 and 24-month-olds

Tamburini Laura, Fantoni Carlo, Gerbino Walter

Simulated Driving and the Question-Behavior Effect

Terenzi Damiano, Catalan Mauro, Antonutti Lucia, Furlanis Giulia, Manganotti Paolo, Rumiati Raffaella Ida||Aiello Marina

Reward sensitivity in impulse control disorders in Parkinson’s disease

Toso Alessandro, Fassihi Arash, Pulecchi Francesca, Diamond Mathew E.

Unified framework for the perception of stimulus intensity and stimulus duration in humans and rats

Venditti Alessandro, Caputi Andrea, Chiandetti Cinzia

Mind the obstacle: Lateralization of detour behaviour in two invertebrate species

Vignando Miriam, Aiello Marilena, Eleopra Roberto, Manganotti Paolo, Rumiati Raffaella I.

Brain Signatures of Food Semantic Knowledge

Zarl Francesca, Gerbino Walter

Membership kind and format modality in schema.org categorization

Zotti Davide, Carnaghi Andrea, Piccoli Valentina, Bianchi Mauro, Pelamatti Giovanna

Sexual prejudice, inter-group contact and homophobic school climate as determinants of school staff responses to homophobic bullying


Paolo Bernardis, Carlo Fantoni, Walter Gerbino (eds.)

TSPC2016 reptiles to whales, from frogs to kangaroos he showed that humans aren’t all that unique and claimed about Motherinfant lateral biases in humans and wild animals: conservatism of the phenomenon and its benefits for fitness. Christian Agrillo, after studying biological motion in the chicks, has specialized on numerical representation running experiments with different animal species and recently has started to investigate visual illusion in animals. Christian presented his latest studies in monkeys and fish. Daniel Osorio, studies colour vision and object recognition by observing different animal species from butterflies to primates. He has also investigated symmetry perception in the chick with two influential Mario’s students, Lucia Regolin and Giorgio Vallortigara. Daniel is involved in animal welfare and is part of a team writing the guidelines for the use of cephalopods. In his talk, he provides insights on How Cuttlefish see objects. Meta Virant-Doberlet studies vibrational communication in insects. She investigates this intriguing, and unsuspected, signalling trying to respond to all 4 Tinbergen’s questions and has presented "A day in a life of a bug linguist". The third part of the volume collects abstracts of talks and posters presented at regular oral and poster sessions of TSPC2016. Each abstract published in the proceedings has been evaluated by an anonymous expert reviewer and by the organizers. The list of anonymous reviewers who supported the editorial process is reported in the next section. About 54 active participants gathered at TSPC2016, coming from Italy and other European countries (Serbia 7, Germany 2, Greece 1, Slovenia 1, Hungary 1). It featured 9 talks and 45 posters. The book of proceedings includes written reports of all talks, and 40 out of 45 posters. Several areas of cognitive science were covered, including: perception (talks 4, 6, 8; posters 4, 5, 17, 24, 27, 29, 36); mindfullness (talk 1); action and perception (talk 6; posters 4, 19, 22, 30, 34); attention (posters 7, 29); memory (talk 3, 7; posters); learning (poster 17); development (posters 14, 23, 25, 31, 33); language (poster 13, 39); problem solving and reasoning (poster 20); personality (posters 11, 18, 25); decisionTSPC2016 making (poster 20); concepts and categorization (talks 2; poster 4, 16, 33, 38, 39); social cognition (talk 4, 5; posters 6, 9, 40); animal cognition (talk 9; posters 1, 3, 8, 15, 36, 37); neuropsychology (poster 2, 10, 12, 22, 26, 28, 35, 38); rehabilitation (posters 22); developmental disorders (posters 2, 5, 10, 12); applied psychology (poster 7, 21, 28, 30, 32, 34); executive processes: monitoring, inhibitory control (posters 7, 14, 18, 23, 35); In terms of disciplines, contributions included modelling, behavioral experiments with humans and animals, cognitive neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy, and vision. We thank all authors who submitted an abstract to be included in the proceedings, and the reviewers who supported the editorial process with their fast and constructive reactions. Finally, for their institutional and financial support to TSPC2016 we thank the Department of Life Sciences and the PhD program in Neural and Cognitive Sciences of the University of Trieste.