Interpreting across Genres: Multiple Research Perspectives


With the emergence of English as a dominant language in the globalization of communicative practices, interpreting plays a major role worldwide in various interlinguistic/cultural settings over a myriad of domain-specific genres. This volume offers a collection of research papers on interpreting across a range of scenarios covering several language combinations with English. It offers multiple research perspectives encompassing diverse interpreting modes within both conference and public service settings, including new emerging areas in Interpreting Studies such as media, remote and sign language interpreting. Each chapter investigates a genre or subgenre associated with a specific field of discourse: business, literature, law, medicine, media, defence, politics, and sport. The variety of topics investigated is broad and the diversity of methodological approaches wide, offering insight into rhetorical, microlinguistic and terminological features, drawing upon text linguistics, discourse and conversation analysis, corpus linguistics and studies on quality.