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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
06-GIANSOLDATI-MONTE-SCORRANO-PAOLA_139-170.pdf.jpg2019Indagine sulle barriere all’acquisto delle auto elettriche. Evidenze su un campione di rispondenti italianiGiansoldati, Marco ; Monte, Adriana; Scorrano, Mariangela ; Parma, Andrea
09-SCORRANO-PAVAN_221-230.pdf.jpg2019Microgrids as drivers in the global energy transition towards renewablesScorrano, Mariangela ; Massi Pavan, Alessandro 
04-GREGORI-SCORRANO_103-120.pdf.jpg2019The impact of trade, urbanization and biomass energy consumption on CO2 emissions: results from a panel of emerging and frontier countriesGregori, Tullio ; Scorrano, Mariangela