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05_Sinibaldi_et_al.pdf.jpg2013A nonlinear dynamics perspective on some aspects of towing operations relevant to safety and energy efficiencySinibaldi, Marco; Bulian, Gabriele; Francescutto, Alberto
Nonlinear_analytical_models_parametric_roll_and_restoring_variations_PhD__Bulian.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2006DEVELOPMENT OF ANALYTICAL NONLINEAR MODELS FOR PARAMETRIC ROLL AND HYDROSTATIC RESTORING VARIATIONS IN REGULAR AND IRREGULAR WAVESBulian, Gabriele
Intro.pdf.jpg2013PrefaceFrancescutto, Alberto; Urcia Larios, Manuel Arcenio; Bulian, Gabriele
coverSafety.jpg.jpg2013Safety and Energy Efficiency in River Transportation for a Sustainable Development of the Peruvian Amazon Region. 17th-19th July 2013, Iquitos, Peru. First International Conference