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SlavicaTer_17-07.Habjan.pdf.jpg2016Slovenian Sociology of Literature and Slovenian National Poet: France Prešeren between the Partisans, Dissidents and TheoristsHabjan, Jernej
SlavicaTer_28-2022-1_09-Habjan.pdf.jpg2022Writing the Death Zone: The Slovenian CaseHabjan, Jernej
SlavicaTer_28-2022-1_01-Habjan.pdf.jpg2022Writing the Himalaya in Polish and Slovenian: IntroductionHabjan, Jernej
SlavicaTer_24-2020-1_01-Habjan.pdf.jpg2020Yugoslavia between May ’68 and November ’89: IntroductionHabjan, Jernej