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8048-ROCHILTZ.pdf.jpg20173D-printable foot prosthesis design for transtibial amputeesRochlitz, Bence; Pammer, David; Kiss, Rita M.
8031-KISS.pdf.jpg2017Effects of perturbation direction on single-leg stance balance recovery performancePetro, Balint; Kiss, Rita M.
8043-RACZ.pdf.jpg2017Evaluation of anatomic all and mark calibration accuracy of a motion capture based gait analysis systemRácz, Kristóf; Palya, Zsofia; Takács, Mária; Kiss, Rita M.
8033-BERNADETT.pdf.jpg2017Examination Of Sailors’Balancing Ability Considering The Role Of The Head MovementKiss, Bernadett; Nagymáté, Gergely; Kiss, Rita M.
8037-PALYA.pdf.jpg2017Lymphedema treatment’s effect of gait parametersPalya, Zsofia; Hampel, Katalin; Kiss, Rita M.
8032-NAGYMATE.pdf.jpg2017Motion capture system validation with surveying techniquesNagymáté, Gergely; Kiss, Rita M.