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8064-MALEK2.pdf.jpg2017Evaluation of changes in muscular strength during bench pressMauthe, Patryk; Małek, Martina; Płaneta, Brygida; Mazurkiewicz, Adam
8063-MALEK.pdf.jpg2017Evaluation of selected aspects of the coordination abilities of individuals practicing Vo Quyen martial artMałek, Martina; Płaneta, Brygida; Słomion, Małgorzata; Mazurkiewicz, Adam
8061-MAZURKIEWICZ.pdf.jpg2017Influence of the trabecular bone structure indicators on its static and fatigue strengthsMazurkiewicz, Adam
8060-MAZURKIEWICZ.pdf.jpg2017Short term evaluation of changes in elastic properties of bovine trabecular bone due to the storage methodMazurkiewicz, Adam