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PiccoliV_PhDthesis.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2015A new look at dehumanization: The association between menstrual cycle changes and dehumanization of womenPiccoli, Valentina
P17.pdf.jpg2014Automatic Dehumanization Across Menstrual CyclePiccoli, Valentina; Carnaghi, Valentina; Foroni, Francesco; Hvastja Stefani, Loredana
Stragà.pdf.jpg2015Giulia is dressed, Candle is naked: "objectification" in women and menStragà, Marta; Piccoli, Valentina; Fantoni, Carlo; Carnaghi, Andrea
P16.pdf.jpg2014Implicit Associations and Alcohol: What Grabs Our Attention?Musić, Marijana; Piccoli, Valentina; Carnaghi, Andrea; Pelamatti, Giovanna; Cavallero, Corrado
T05_Shamloo.pdf.jpg2016Look and Imagine Yourself Giving that Same Touch: The Role of Intergroup Vicarious Physical Contact in Racial Prejudice RevisionShamloo, Soraya E.; Carnaghi, Andrea; Piccoli, Valentina; Grassi, Michele; Bianchi, Mauro
P40_Zotti.pdf.jpg2016Sexual prejudice, inter-group contact and homophobic school climate as determinants of school staff responses to homophobic bullyingZotti, Davide; Carnaghi, Andrea; Piccoli, Valentina; Bianchi, Mauro; Pelamatti, Giovanna
Music.pdf.jpg2015The automatic predictors of the attentional bias toward the alcohol: Do we want it or like it?Musić, Marijana; Carnaghi, Andrea; Pelamatti, Giovanna; Piccoli, Valentina; Vegliach, Alessandro
Piccoli.pdf.jpg2015Women and men in Google search: User' sexism and its relationship with objectification of images of womenPiccoli, Valentina; Bianchi, Mauro; Maass, Anne; Del Missier, Fabio; Carnaghi, Andrea