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Marco Beltrame - O3-DPACS thesis.pdf.jpg18-Mar-200803-DPACS: an open source solution for critical PACS systems integratedin the 03 Consortium project.Beltrame, Marco
Fornasa_phd.pdf.jpg13-Apr-2015Application of linear and nonlinear methods for processing HRV and EEG signalsFornasa, Elisa
T11.pdf.jpg2014BCI-Based Neuro-Rehabilitation Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease: cases ReportTurconi, Marcello Maria; Mezzarobba, Susanna; Franco, Giulia; Busan, Pierpaolo; Fornasa, Elisa; Jarmolowska, Joanna; Accardo, Agostino; Battaglini, Piero Paolo
Danko Tomasic - Thesis.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2011Cardiac pacing lead as hemodynamic sensorTomasic, Danko
Brun_PhD_def.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2012Development of algorithms and methods for three-dimensional image analysis and biomedical applicationsBrun, Francesco
cusenza_phd.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2012Fractal analysis of the EEG and clinical applicationsCusenza, Monica
bava_phd.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2012Innovative ICT solutions in telemedicine to support clinical practice and research in hospitalsBava, Michele Salvatore Valerio
RISCICA-Tesi.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2011Online characterization of high - frequency percussive ventilatorRiscica, Fabio
Ajcevic_PhD.pdf.jpg13-Apr-2015Personalized setup of high frequency percussive ventilator by estimation of respiratory system viscoelastic parametersAjčević, Miloš
genna_phd.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2013Sviluppo di strumenti per l'analisi della scrittura e applicazioniGenna, Mariangela
Lucangelo_phd.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2014Titration of High Frequency Percussive Ventilation by means of real-time monitoring of the viscoelastic respiratory system properties and endotracheal tubes pressure drop.Lucangelo, Umberto
PhD Thesis - Parel.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2013Validation and application of a shoulder ambulatory motion analysis protocolParel, Ilaria