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BallicoValabregaValenzanoRendMat43.pdf.jpg2011Non-vanishing Theorems for Rank Two Vector Bundles on ThreefoldsBallico, Edoardo; Valabrega, Paolo; Valenzano, Mario
BallicoRendMat22.pdf.jpg1990On the general hyperplane section of a curve in char. pBallico, Edoardo
BallicoRendMat34.pdf.jpg2002On the minimal free resolution of multiple curvesBallico, Edoardo
BallicoPetriMapsRendMat37.pdf.jpg2005Petri Maps for Very Ample Line BundlesBallico, Edoardo
03Ballico.pdf.jpg2009Rank 2 Totally Arithmetically Cohen-Macaulay Vector Bundles on an Abelian Surface with $Num(X) \cong \mathbb Z$Ballico, Edoardo
2020Tensor decompositions in rank +1Ballico, Edoardo
2_Ballico_Malaspina.pdf.jpg2009Vector Bundles on Products of Projective Spaces and HyperquadricsBallico, Edoardo; Malaspina, Francesco
BallicoRendMat30.pdf.jpg1998Weierstrass points, inflection points and ramification points of curvesBallico, Edoardo
BallicoWheneveryRendMat37.pdf.jpg2005When every Vector Bundle is a Direct Sum of Line Bundles?Ballico, Edoardo