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28-Apr-2014A mutant p53/miR-30d axis controls cell polarity in Breast CancerCapaci, Valeria
28-Apr-2011A Pin1/mutant p53 axis promotes aggressiveness in breast cancerNapoli, Marco
21-Apr-2009DNA damage-dependent regulation of MyoD functionSimonatto, Marta
1-Apr-2008Human notch1 and pin1 unveil a molecular circuitry involved in tumorigenesisTiberi, Luca
18-Jul-2014Integrazione di approcci nelle grandi sfide sanitarie: il problema cancroDel Sal, Giannino
28-Apr-2014Metabolic control of YAP/TAZ by the Mevalonate PathwaySorrentino, Giovanni
1-Apr-2008Modulation of p53 activities by the prolyl-isomerase PIN1 and the bromodomain protein BRD7Tocco, Francesca
19-Apr-2010New microRNAS regulating the P53 signaling pathwayBisso, Andrea
28-Apr-2014p53 at the crossroads between cancer and neurodegeneration: unveiling molecular circuitries involved in tumorigenesis and neuronal cell deathComel, Anna
28-Apr-2014Prolyl-isomerase Pin1 controls normal and cancer stem cells of the breast by counteracting the Fbxw7-oncosuppressive barrier on the Notch signalling pathwayZannini, Alessandro
22-Apr-2013The role of DEPDC1 (DEP domain containing 1) in breast cancer aggressivenessMarotta, Carolina
5-Feb-2015L'Università di TriesteDel Sal, Giannino; Di Lenarda, Roberto; Fermeglia, Maurizio ; Fontolan, Giorgio; Gallenti, Gianluigi; Geremia, Silvano; Marson, Iginio; Pittaro, Paolo; Sbisà, Marina; Scarciglia, Roberto; Senatore, Gaetano; Viezzoli, Giampiero