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RIZZI-LONGO_FEOLI-CHIAPELLA_41-62.pdf.jpg1994Contribution to the systematics of Genista l. Sect. Spartocarpus Spach (Genisteae, Fabaceae) with emphasis on palynological dataRizzi Longo, Loredana; Feoli Chiapella, Laura
CUSMA-VELARI_FEOLI-CHIAPELLA_KOSOVEL_55-64.pdf.jpg2003Karyological notes on Genista sect. Spartioides Spach with emphasis on Western species and g. Pilosa l. (Genisteae - Fabaceae)Cusma Velari, Tiziana; Feoli Chiapella, Laura; Kosovel, Vera
CUSMA-VELARI_FEOLI-CHIAPELLA_33-39.pdf.jpg1994Karyological studies of Spartocytisus Webb & Berth. (Genisteae - Fabaceae)Cusma Velari, Tiziana; Feoli Chiapella, Laura
CUSMA-VELARI_ FEOLI-CHIAPELLA_CRISTIN _KOSOVEL_77-83.pdf.jpg1999Karyological systematics of Genista ifniensis a. Caballero, Genista tricuspidata desf., and related species (Genisteae-Fabaceae)Cusma Velari, Tiziana; Feoli Chiapella, Laura; Cristin, Cristina; Kosovel, Vera
RIZZI-LONGO_FEOLI-CHIAPELLA_CUSMA-VELARI_KOSOVEL_39-48.pdf.jpg2000Pollen cards of the Genista radiata group (Genisteae, Fabaceae)Rizzi Longo, Loredana; Feoli Chiapella, Laura; Cusma Velari, Tiziana; Kosovel, Vera
FEOLI-CHIAPELLA_POLDINI_3-140.pdf.jpg1993Prati e pascoli del Friuli su substrati basiciFeoli Chiapella, Laura; Poldini, Livio
FEOLI-FEOLI_CHIAPELLA-GANIS-SORGE_213-221.pdf.jpg1980Spatial pattern analysis of abandoned grasslands Of the Karst region by Trieste and GoriziaFeoli Chiapella, Laura; Feoli, Enrico; Ganis, Paola; Sorge, Angela