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P17.pdf.jpg2014Automatic Dehumanization Across Menstrual CyclePiccoli, Valentina; Carnaghi, Valentina; Foroni, Francesco; Hvastja Stefani, Loredana
P21.pdf.jpg2014Autonomous Physical Exploration Influences Spatial Representation: Evidence From Blind and Sighted.Santoro, Ilaria; Hvastja Stefani, Loredana; Agostini, Tiziano
P15.pdf.jpg2014Bayley Scale of Infant and Toddler Development (BSITD-III). Chronological Or Corrected Age: Which Is More Appropriate to Assess Preterm Infants’ Cognitive, Linguistic, and Motor Performances?Morsan, Valentina; Fantoni, Carlo; Hvastja Stefani, Loredana; Tallandini, Maria A.