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InvernizziRendMat06.pdf.jpg1974A continuous parameter version of Chacon's "universal'' ergodic theoremInvernizzi, Sergio
InvernizziZanolinRendMat16.pdf.jpg1984A priori bounds and existence results for nonlinear equations at resonanceInvernizzi, Sergio; Zanolin, Fabio
InvernizziZanolinRendMat11.pdf.jpg1979A sufficient condition for the solvability of the equation T(x)\ni H(x)Invernizzi, Sergio
PredonzanEtAlRendMat20.pdf.jpg1988In memoria di Ugo BarbutiPredonzan, Arno; Bellen, Alfredo; Guerra, Sergio; Invernizzi, Sergio; Volčič, Aljoša
GrassiInvernizziRendMat27.pdf.jpg1995Logistic Dynamics with Distributed LagsInvernizzi, Sergio; Grassi, Fabio
InvernizziRendMat19.pdf.jpg1987On the periodic BVP for the forced Duffing equationInvernizzi, Sergio
tesi per archiviazione.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2008Ottimizazione del portafoglio con strategie passive:un'applicazione degli algoritmi di threshold accepting.Bjelanovic, Karla
InvernizziRendMat20.pdf.jpg1988Remarks on Hopf bifurcation formulaeInvernizzi, Sergio