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12-TAKALIC_257-290.pdf.jpg2019A contribution to the topography (and the interpretation) of the so-called oriental cults from the territory of SalonaKarković Takalić, Palma
4_AqN_2015_86.pdf.jpg2015Iader e l’imperatore AugustoKarković Takalić, Palma
22_Scavo_Aquileia_KarkovicTakalic.pdf.jpg2017LucerneKarković Takalić, Palma
14_Archeologia9SAS_online.pdf.jpg2018Note su una statua di Mater Magna proveniente dal territorio di SalonaKarković Takalić, Palma
16-TAKALIĆ.pdf.jpg2021Sedatus Augustus. Testimonies of a ‘collegial god’ from the territory of civitas Maezeiorum (Dalmatia)Karković Takalić, Palma