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Antonella Bandiera.pdf.jpg2014Biomimetic poypeptides: a new strategy for muscle tissue regenerationBandiera, Antonella; Lorenzon, Paola; D’Andrea, Paola
Del Favero_phd.pdf.jpg17-Apr-2012Characterization of the risk of palytoxin and analogues as seafood contaminantsDel Favero, Giorgia
Marina Sciancalepore.pdf.jpg2014Improving the regeneration of skeletal muscleSciancalepore, Marina; Bernareggi, Annalisa; Lorenzon, Paola
PARATO_PhD.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2014Regulation of muscle satellite cell proliferation and differentiation by local trophic factors.Parato, Giulia
Annalisa Bernareggi.pdf.jpg2014The microtransplantation technique: a simple ad useful approach to study receptors transplanted into xenopus oocytesBernareggi, Annalisa; Sciancalepore, Marina; Lorenzon, Paola