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2009A methodology to evaluate the prospects for the introduction of a Park&Buy serviceMarcucci, Edoardo; Rotaris, Lucia; Paglione, Guido
18-Apr-2013Air and rail transport in the Rome-Milan corridor: competition policy implications based on a discrete choice analysisValeri, Eva
2000Congestion and Peak load pricing: a comparison in electricity and transportationMarcucci, Edoardo; Polidori, Paolo
2017Le consegne fuori dai picchi orari: il caso di RomaMarcucci, Edoardo; Gatta, Valerio; Carrocci, Céline Sacha
2012Freight transport analysis: new trends and methodologies. IntroductionMarcucci, Edoardo; Puckett, Sean
2010IntroductionDanielis, Romeo; de Palma, André; Marcucci, Edoardo; Niskanen, Esko; van Delft, Hadewijch; Verhoef, Erik
2004IntroductionMacharis, Cathy; Marcucci, Edoardo
2007IntroductionDe Palma, André; Marcucci, Edoardo; Niskanen, E.; Verhoef, Erik
2008Introduction to the Special Issue on Pricing, Financing, Regulating Transport Infrastructures and Servicesde Palma, André; Marcucci, Edoardo; Niskanen, Esko; Verhoef, Erik T.
2005Introduction. Road Pricing: Is It Needed, Is It Possible, Is It Inevitable?de Palma, André; Marcucci, Edoardo; Niskanen, Esko; Wieland, Bernhard
2004Mode choice models with attribute cutoffs analysis: the case of freight transport in the Marche regionMarcucci, Edoardo; Scaccia, Luisa
19-Apr-2012Modelling heterogeneous decision processes and joint decision-making in travel demand modelsBlomberg Stathopoulos, Amanda Irini
2007Quality and public transport service contractsGatta, Valerio; Marcucci, Edoardo
2005Road pricing as a citizen-candidate gameMarcucci, Edoardo; Marini, Marco A.; Ticchi, Davide
2001Separazione strutturale e concorrenza nel settore ferroviarioMarcucci, Edoardo
1998Tariffazione del traffico urbano. Teoria ed applicazioni praticheMarcucci, Edoardo; Polidori, Paolo
2012Testing for nonlinearity in the choice of a freight transport serviceRotaris, Lucia; Danielis, Romeo; Sarman, Igor; Marcucci, Edoardo
2002The Motivations of DebateMarcucci, Edoardo
2002The Process of Railway De-Verticalisation in Italy : State of the Art and Possible EvolutionsMarcucci, Edoardo
2010Urban freight policies and distribution channels: a discussion based on evidence from Italian citiesDanielis, Romeo; Rotaris, Lucia; Marcucci, Edoardo