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46D_BoschianDotoliFantiIacobellisUkovich.pdf.jpg2010A metamodelling approach for performance evaluation of intermodal transportation networksBoschian, Valentina; Dotoli, Mariagrazia; Fanti, Maria Pia; Iacobellis, Giorgio; Ukovich, Walter
ET_2012_51_6 - Boschian et al..pdf.jpg14-Mar-2012Analysis of Impact of ICT Solutions in International Freight ManagementBoschian, Valentina; Fanti, Maria Pia; Iacobellis, Giorgio; Ukovich, Walter
Tesi.pdf.jpg13-Apr-2015Distributed Discrete Consensus Algorithms: Theory and Applications for the Task Assignment ProblemPedroncelli, Giovanni
ROTUNNO_PHD.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2013Integrated techniques for the internal logistics analysis and management of complex systemsRotunno, Giuliana
ET_2012_51_0 - Introduction.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2012Introduction to the special issueCarotenuto, Pasquale; Dell'Orco, Mauro; Rossi, Riccardo; Ukovich, Walter
Centrone_Tesi_PhD.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2009Modeling a real-time decision support system for HazMat transportation in a sustainable oriented motorway of environmentCentrone, Giampaolo
BOSCHIAN_phd.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2012Models and Methods for Multi-Actor SystemsBoschian, Valentina
MDalForno_PhD.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2013Theoretical and experimental analysis of interactions between electromagnetic fields and relativistic electrons in vacuum chamberDal Forno, Massimo