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2020Finite group actions on the genus-2 surface, geometric generators and extendabilityWang, Chao; Wang, Shicheng; Zhang, Yimu; Zimmermann, Bruno
GradolatoZimmermannRendMat25.pdf.jpg1993Finite quotients of hyperbolic tetrahedral groupsGradolato, Monique; Zimmermann, Bruno
PaoluzziZimmermannRendMat32s.pdf.jpg2001Finite Quotients of the Picard Group and Related Hyperbolic Tetrahedral and Bianchi GroupsZimmermann, Bruno; Paoluzzi, Luisa
ReniZimmermannRendMat32s.pdf.jpg2001Finite Simple Groups Acting on 3-Manifolds and Homology SpheresReni, Marco; Zimmermann, Bruno
14-zimmer.pdf.jpg2001On Hyperbolic 3-Orbifolds of Small Volume and Small Heegaard GenusZimmermann, Bruno
MednykhEtAlRendMat32s.pdf.jpg2001Three-fold Coverings and Hyperelliptic Manifolds: a Three-Dimensional Version of a Result of AccolaMednykh, Alexander; Reni, Marco; Vesnin, Andrei; Zimmermann, Bruno