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Sabrina Stella.pdf.jpg20143d modeling of tumor growthStella, Sabrina; et al.
Mitja Martelanc.pdf.jpg2014Antioxidative blood status assessment by the free bilirubin assayMartelanc, Mitja; et al.
Fabiola Giudici.pdf.jpg2014Breastfeeding is an additional protective factor for breast cancer among women living in the metropolitan area of TriesteGiudici, Fabiola; et al.
Alberto Bertolini.pdf.jpg2014Btl-like proteins as molecular markers to evaluate polyphenol accumulation potential and maturation rate in grapeBertolini, Alberto; et al.
Uros Rajcevic.pdf.jpg2014Characterization and use of monoclonal antibodies against bilitranslocase and its determination in clear cell renal cell carcinomaRajcevic, Uros; et al.
Ana Petelin.pdf.jpg2014Early warning signs for metabolic syndromePetelin, Ana; et al.
Morena Silvestrini.pdf.jpg2014Electrochemical biosensors for sensitive molecular diagnosticsSilvestrini, Morena; et al.
Bruna Scaggiante.pdf.jpg2014Gt75 aptamer against eukaryotic elongation factor 1a as potential anticancer drug For castrate-resistant prostate cancer (crpc)Scaggiante, Bruna; et al.
Saša Kenig.pdf.jpg2014Infrared micro-spectroscopy to distinguish glioma and glioma-stem cellsKenig, Saša; et al.
Giulia Amadio.pdf.jpg2014Krt14-expression as a marker of lung regeneration/repairAmadio, Giulia; et al.
Riccardo Priore.pdf.jpg2014L’efficienza del trasferimento tecnologico nel contesto del Friuli Venezia GiuliaPriore, Riccardo; et al.
Giulia Antoniali.pdf.jpg2014Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration involving the effect of environmental pollutants on dna repair enzymesAntoniali, Giulia; et al.
CUCCUI.pdf.jpg2013Monitoraggio idrobiologico della sorgente carsica di Gologone (Sardegna): indagini preliminariCuccui, A. L.; et al.
Barbara Giabbai.pdf.jpg2014Multi & fast: the secret for a protein production facility@elettraGiabbai, Barbara; et al.
Marco Zancani.pdf.jpg2014Search for compounds able to modulate fof1 atp synthase in switching from life enzyme to cell death executorZancani, Marco; et al.
Jovana Čvorović.pdf.jpg2014Sensitivity of colon cancer cells to dietary flavonoidsČvorović, Jovana; et al.
Stefano Fornasaro.pdf.jpg2014Sers-based nanosensors for the sensitive detection of reactive oxygen speciesFornasaro, Stefano; et al.
Alessandro Baldan.pdf.jpg2014Severe osteopenia in adolescence: poor bone health for lifeBaldan, Alessandro; et al.
Polona Likar.pdf.jpg2014Spectral analysis of heart rate variability for assessment of autonomic nervous system activity during head-up tilt table testingLikar, Polona; et al.
Ana Petelin b.pdf.jpg2014The association of adiponectin polymorphisms with food intakePetelin, Ana; et al.