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P04_Baldassi.pdf.jpg2016Does the dimensionality of the perceived size play a role in the SNARC-like effect for visual illusions?Baldassi, Giulio; Prpic, Valter; Goodridge, Courtney; Agostini, Tiziano; Fantoni, Carlo; Soranzo, Alessandro
P04.pdf.jpg2014Octave bias in an absolute pitch identification taskBoschetti, Giulia; Prpic, Valter; De Tommaso, Matteo; Murgia, Mauro; Agostini, Tiziano
Prpic_PhD.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2014SNARC-like effects for visual and auditory musical stimuli: the relation between space and different music parametersPrpic, Valter
Prpic.pdf.jpg2015The auditory version of the solitaire illusionPrpic, Valter; Boschetti, Giulia; Luccio, Riccardo
Sarcetta.pdf.jpg2015The illusory size of optical illusions does not produce the SNARC effectSarcetta, Mattia; Prpic, Valter; Murgia, Mauro; Galmonte, Alessandra; Agostini, Tiziano