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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
thesis_curbis.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2008Generation of VUV ultra-short coherent optical pulses using electron storage ringsCurbis, Francesca
phdthesis_izzo.pdf.jpg26-Mar-2010High frequency dynamics of fluid binary mixturesIzzo, Maria Grazia
Fauzia_Jabeen_Thesis.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2009III-V semiconducting nanowires by molecular beam epitaxyJabeen, Fauzia
Novelli_tesi_PhD.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2013In search of selective excitations for studying out-of-equilibrium properties in strongly correlated electron systems and high temperature superconductorsNovelli, Fabio
Sammito_PhD_Thesis.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2013Integration of plasmonic gratings into optoelectronic devicesSammito, Davide
Coceano.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2015Local measurement of breast cancer cells mechanical propertiesCoceano, Giovanna
Giangrisostomi_phd.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2015Matter under Extreme Transient conditions investigated with Free Electron Laser radiation at FERMIGiangrisostomi, Erika
Corvaglia_phd.pdf.jpg27-Mar-2014Nanoscale platform to study unstructured proteins interactionsCorvaglia, Stefania
Miniussi_phd.pdf.jpg27-Mar-2014Nanoscale properties of graphene-based interfacesMiniussi, Elisa
Palma_phd.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2014Nanostructured dye-sensitized solar cellsPalma, Giuseppina
PhD Thesis Mario Ganau Graduate School of Nanotechnology Trieste.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2013Nanotechnology Applications in Quantitative Neuroscience: Proteomic Analysis of Malignant GliomasGanau, Mario
Cilento_PhD.pdf.jpg28-Mar-2012Non-equilibrium phase diagram of Bi2 Sr2 Y0.08 Ca0.92 Cu2 O8+δ cuprate superconductors revealed by ultrafast optical spectroscopyCilento, Federico
Olivieri Giorgia.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2013Organic Electronic Devices: Investigation of the Electronic Transport Properties at the Molecular LevelOlivieri, Giorgia
phDDellAngela.pdf.jpg16-Mar-2009Organic molecules at metal surfaces: the role of functional groups in self-assembly and charge transferDell'angela, Martina
main.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2011Out-of-equilibrium behavior of many-body Hamiltonian systems with different interaction rangesStaniscia, Fabio
Dalmiglio_phd.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2010Oxidation of supported PtRh partcles:size and morphology effectsDalmiglio, Matteo Maria
Orlando_PhD.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2014Physical Properties and Functionalization of Low-Dimensional MaterialsOrlando, Fabrizio
Lanzilotto_phd.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2012Self-assembling and charge transfer properties of thin organic filmsLanzilotto, Valeria
PhD_RongRong_Zhan.pdf.jpg28-Mar-2012Structural investigation of complex surface interfaces by means of X-ray Photoelectron DiffractionZhan, Rongrong
PhDThesis.ShitalVaidya.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2015Study of magnetic and electronic properties of low dimentionality systems using aguer photoelectron coincidence spectroscopyVaidya, Shital Ramchandra