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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Peronio_phd.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2013A closer look at heterogeneous catalysis: reaction intermediates at the single-molecule levelPeronio, Angelo
Panighel_PhD.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2015Adsorption, metalation and magnetic properties of tetra phenyl porphyrins on metal surfacesPanighel, Mirco
filiasi_phd.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2015Applications of Large Deviations Theory and Statistical Inference to Financial Time SeriesFiliasi, Mario
PhD_Thesis_Sara_Mohammadi.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2013Bio-medical X-ray imaging with Synchrotron Radiation: study and implementation of algorithms related to phase sensitive techniquesMohammadi, Sara
Broad band acoustic spectroscopy in disordered systems.compressed.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2015Broad band acoustic spectroscopy in disordered systemsBattistoni, Andrea
thesis-RIZZI.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2011Carbon dioxide adsorption and hydrogenation on nickel-based surfaces: a first principles studyRizzi, Michele
thesis-dri.pdf.jpg10-Apr-2008Characterization and manipulation of single molecules and molecular complexes by low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy.Dri, Carlo
bianco_phd.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2014Chern invariant and orbital magnetization as local quantitiesBianco, Raffaello
Thesis_NKOUA_MARYSE.pdfA.jpg23-Mar-2015Conformational properties of variable density DNA nanobrushesNkoua Ngavouka, Maryse Dadina
thesis.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2008Connections between structure,dynamics and energy landscape in simple models of glass-forming liquids.Coslovich, Daniele
Tesi completa- Impaginata.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2015Design and realization of nanoelectromechanical and plasmonic devices for raman spectro-microscopyCassese, Damiano
giorgis_phd.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2013Design, fabrication and characterization of metamaterial inspired structures for sensing applicationGiorgis, Valentina
santarelli_phd.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2011Development of capabilities for "in situ" analysis of nanoparticles at the MCX powder diffraction beamlineSantarelli, Xenja
capogrosso_phd.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2013Dimensionality and ordering effects on the electronic structure of low dimensional strongly correlated electron transition metal oxidesCapogrosso, Valentina
thesis_depositata_7mar.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2011Disclosing the ultrafast dynamics of competing phases in high - temperature superconductors by time - resolved optical spectroscopyCoslovich, Giacomo
bianchettin.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2008Electronic structure and chemical reactivity at solid surfaces: the role of under-coordinated atoms and bimetallic alloys.Bianchettin, Laura
PhD_thesis_Archiv.pdf.jpg26-Mar-2010Electronic structure and chemical reactivity of transition metals' pseudomorphic layers and supported nanoclustersGolfetto, Enrico
ECarleschi_PhDThesis.pdf.jpg16-Mar-2009Electronic structure of transition metal and rare earth ions in complex materials by resonant core-level spectroscopiesCarleschi, Emanuela
lacovig_phd.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2010Electronic structure, morphology and chemical reactivity of nanoclusters and low-dimensional systems: fast photoemission spectroscopy studiesLacovig, Paolo
Tesi Andrea Radivo.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2014Experimental study of the physics of nanostructured organic photovoltaic devices.Radivo, Andrea