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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-CESARALE.pdf.jpg2022The Ends of UniversalismCesarale, Giorgio
05_E&P_2015_3_ROBERTSON.pdf.jpg24-Feb-2016The Rediscovery of Machiavelli in Napoleon’s Germany. Heinrich von Kleist and his ContemporariesRobertson, Ritchie
03-MANCHISI.pdf.jpg2021The Right and the Good in Hegel’s Social and Political PhilosophyManchisi, Armando
34-Marchart.pdf.jpg2021Thinking "Thinking Antagonsim". A ResponseMarchart, Oliver
07-Boyd.pdf.jpg2021Tyranny and Ethical Life in Hegel’s Political Thought: the Tyrant-Legislator and Constituent PowerBoyd, Nathaniel J.
07_E&P_2015_3_SGARBI.pdf.jpg24-Feb-2016La virtù del principe. Hegel lettore di MachiavelliSgarbi, Marco