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21-Apr-2009A gene transfer approach, based on Adeno-Associated Viral (AAV) vectors, to study the process of vessel maturation and stabilizationMoimas, Silvia
AlessandroCarrer.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2009AVV-mediated delivery of Semaphorin 3A influences tumor miscroenvironment and inhibits tumorigenesis in vivoCarrer, Alessandro
tesi dottorato.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2008Characterization of a novel p63/p73 interacting protein.Chiacchiera, Fulvio
jakimovska.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2008Characterization of the interaction between nucleophosmin (NPM) and highmobility group a (HMGA) proteins.Jakimovska, Frosina
TesiSinigaglia.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2009Dissection of the effects induced by VEGF165, VEGF121 and Semaphorin 3A in endothelial cellsSinigaglia, Milena
PhD_thesis_Simonatto.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2009DNA damage-dependent regulation of MyoD functionSimonatto, Marta
DMM_PhD text_Gazzin Silvia_open star.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2008Effect of bilirubin on expression and localization of PGP and Mrp1 in the central nervous systemGazzin, Silvia
Tesi dottorato.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2008Genomic variability of host factors in AIDS: role of antimicrobial peptides resistance to lentiviral infections.Milanese, Michele
Thesis-Luca-Tiberi.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2008Human notch1 and pin1 unveil a molecular circuitry involved in tumorigenesisTiberi, Luca
Thesis def Fabio_new.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2009Identification of putative interactors of Fanconi anaemia proteins by yeast to hybrid system: characterization of two novel genes highly expressed during spermatogenesisMorgese, Fabio
PhD thesis Francesca Tocco 17-03-2008.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2008Modulation of p53 activities by the prolyl-isomerase PIN1 and the bromodomain protein BRD7Tocco, Francesca
Rossi Tatiana phd.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2008Molecular epidemiology of influenza viruses in three consecutive epidemic season,2005-2007.Rossi, Tatiana
Thesis FP.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2008Molecular mechanisms of pancreas development and insulin regulation in beta cells.Paroni, Federico
Thesis PhD Bosutti Alessandra.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2008Muscle catabolic mechanisms:from disuse atrophy to cachexia.Bosutti, Alessandra
Bisso_phd.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2010New microRNAS regulating the P53 signaling pathwayBisso, Andrea
Thesis.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2008Positive selection of hearing loss candidate genes,based on multiple microarray platforms experiments and data miningLicastro, Danilo
PhDthesis Berton.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2008Role of p27Kip1 in cell proliferation and motility during oncogenic transformation.Berton, Stefania
MazzonePhDThesis.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2008Role of unconjugated bilirubin in the endothelial dysfunction.Mazzone, Graciela Lujan
PHD tesi .pdf.jpg15-Apr-2008siRNAs targeted against cell cycle related genes as tools to down regulate cell-proliferation in hepatocellular carcinoma and vascular smooth muscle cells.Farra, Rossella
Tesi PhD Definitiva per segreteria.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2009Study of APE1/Ref-1 expression in human hepatocellular carcinoma. Evaluation of its prognostic significanceDi Maso, Vittorio