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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Chiaruttini_PhD.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2013Identification of vesicular SNARE proteins involved in the secretoryintracellular trafficking of IL-12 in dendritic cellsChiaruttini, Giulia
Thesis Andrea Berengeno.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2011Impact of unconjugated bilirubin on brain parenchyma of the Gunn ratBerengeno, Andrea Lorena
Mazzucco PhD.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2011Inactivity as a key factor inducting insulin resistance and metabolic syndromeMazzucco, Sara
Xhindoli_phd.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2014Insights into structural features that affect the biological activities and mode of action of the human antimicrobial cathelicidin LL-37Xhindoli, Daniela
Morgera_phd.pdf.jpg26-Apr-2010Interaction of host defence peptides with model and biological membranesMorgera, Francesca
PhD thesis Mario Mardirossian.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2013Internal targets and killing mechanism of the cathelicidin Bac7 in Gram-negative bacteriaMardirossian, Mario
Robert MC_PhD.pdf.jpg24-Apr-2012Is bilirubin able to affect the cell cycle in Gunn rat brain? - An in vivo and in vitro study -Robert, Maria Celeste
Thesis Agostini final.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2010Mechanisms of muscle atrophy following inactivityAgostini, Francesco
Bussadori_Giulio_Thesis.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2015Mesothelial Signature in Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal cells derived from HighGrade Serous Ovarian Cancer marks their IdentityBussadori, Giulio
Tesi Sorrentino.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2014Metabolic control of YAP/TAZ by the Mevalonate PathwaySorrentino, Giovanni
toppazzini_phd.pdf.jpg26-Apr-2010Micrometer-scale systems for regenerative medicine applicationsToppazzini, Mila
PhD thesis Michele Scarola.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2013miR-335-Oct4-Rb1: a new axis to control cell proliferation, tumorigenesis and self-renewalScarola, Michele
Pascut_PhD.pdf.jpg24-Apr-2012Molecular insights for overcoming Hepatocellular CarcinomaPascut, Devis
CUZZI-PhD.pdf.jpg24-Apr-2012Molecular studies of polysaccharides from pathogenic bacteriaCuzzi, Bruno
PhD Thesis final Giulia Runti.pdf.jpg24-Apr-2012New insights into the architecture and function of SbmA, an unusual transporter of the inner membrane of E. coliRunti, Giulia
PhD Thesis - Comel.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2014p53 at the crossroads between cancer and neurodegeneration: unveiling molecular circuitries involved in tumorigenesis and neuronal cell deathComel, Anna
maurizio_phd.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2011Post-translational modifications and conformational transitions of the intrinsically disordered oncoproteins High-Mobility Group AMaurizio, Elisa
zammitti_phd.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2010Post-translational modifications of high mobility group a (HMGA) proteins in neoplastic transformationZammitti, Salvina
losardo_phd.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2010PRMT6 : identification and characterization of new molecular partnersLo Sardo, Alessandra
PhD Thesis - Zannini.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2014Prolyl-isomerase Pin1 controls normal and cancer stem cells of the breast by counteracting the Fbxw7-oncosuppressive barrier on the Notch signalling pathwayZannini, Alessandro