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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
tesi.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2014Galaxy populations in clusters and proto-clustersContini, Emanuele
PhDThesisGriecoPDFA.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2014Gamma Ray Bursts, Supernovae and identification of the hosts by means of chemical evolution modelsGrieco, Valentina Luciana
Piccirilli_phd.pdf.jpg28-Mar-2012High pressure studies of amyloid proteinsPiccirilli, Federica
Novelli_tesi_PhD.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2013In search of selective excitations for studying out-of-equilibrium properties in strongly correlated electron systems and high temperature superconductorsNovelli, Fabio
Lozza_Valentina_PhD.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2010Low energy low background photon counter for wisp search experimentsLozza, Valentina
Giangrisostomi_phd.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2015Matter under Extreme Transient conditions investigated with Free Electron Laser radiation at FERMIGiangrisostomi, Erika
gpesaro_phd_final_frontespizio_firmato.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2011Measurement at COMPASS of transverse spin effects on identified hadrons on a transversely polarised proton targetPesaro, Giulia
phdthesis_vieri.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2014Measurement of the associated productionof a Z boson and b quarksin proton-proton collisions at √s = 8 TeVwith the CMS experiment at LHCCandelise, Vieri
thesis_wack.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2014Measurement of the nuclear and isotopic composition of galactic cosmic rays with the PAMELA experiment.Formato, Valerio
tesi_PhD_lalicata.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2015Measurement of the production cross section of a Z boson in association with exactly one or at least two b jets with the CMS experiment at LHCLa Licata, Chiara
pinamonti_phd.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2012Measurement of the top-antitop production cross-section with the ATLAS experiment at the LHCPinamonti, Michele
tesi2.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2012Measurement of two-hadron transverse spinasymmetries in SIDIS at COMPASSElia, Carmine
sbrizzai_phd.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2011Measurements of transverse momentum dependent azimuthal asymmetries in SIDIS at COMPASSSbrizzai, Giulio
Dogo_phd.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2015MODELS OF DNA DAMAGE, REPAIR, AND MISREPAIRDogo, Federico
Costanzi_PhD_Thesis.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2015Neutrino constraints from clusters of galaxies and other probesCostanzi Alunno Cerbolini, Matteo
tesi.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2010Neutron induced fission cross section measurements aimed at nuclear technology developmentBelloni, Francesca
Cilento_PhD.pdf.jpg28-Mar-2012Non-equilibrium phase diagram of Bi2 Sr2 Y0.08 Ca0.92 Cu2 O8+δ cuprate superconductors revealed by ultrafast optical spectroscopyCilento, Federico
ferialdi_phd.pdf.jpg26-Mar-2010Non-Markovian collapse modelsFerialdi, Luca
Olivieri Giorgia.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2013Organic Electronic Devices: Investigation of the Electronic Transport Properties at the Molecular LevelOlivieri, Giorgia
main.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2011Out-of-equilibrium behavior of many-body Hamiltonian systems with different interaction rangesStaniscia, Fabio