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AnteprimaData di edizioneTitoloAutore/i
lacovig_phd.pdf.jpg8-apr-2010Electronic structure, morphology and chemical reactivity of nanoclusters and low-dimensional systems: fast photoemission spectroscopy studiesLacovig, Paolo
pavan_phD.pdf.jpg8-apr-2010Energetic and structural analysis of organic and inorganic systems- the molecular modeling potentialityPavan, Giovanni Maria
Marini_phd.pdf.jpg29-mar-2012Evolving biosensors: intelligent devices at the nanoscaleMarini, Monica
Tesi Andrea Radivo.pdf.jpg25-mar-2014Experimental study of the physics of nanostructured organic photovoltaic devices.Radivo, Andrea
Mitri_PhD.pdf.jpg25-mar-2014Fabrication of microfluidic devices for studying living cells responding to external stimuli by FTIR vibrational spectroscopyMitri, Elisa
PhDThesis_EliseiElena.pdf.jpg24-mar-2015From crystalline to amorphous state: the role of the glass in the Dynamic Nuclear Polarization process.Elisei, Elena
Glucose_Coated_Nanoparticles_for_Mesenchymal_Cancer_Cells_Recognition.pdf.jpg23-mar-2015Glucose coated nanoparticles for mesenchymal cancer cells recognitionVenturelli, Leonardo
Tavagnacco_PhD.pdf.jpg27-mar-2014How do water molecules probe and control bionanostructures and food functionalitiesTavagnacco, Letizia
Luisi_phd.pdf.jpg29-mar-2012Identification of novel protein scaffolds for small molecules binding and for catalysisLuisi, Immacolata
DalCol_thesis.pdf.jpg27-mar-2014In silico prediction of drug resistance: from cancer targeted therapy to cancer targeted preventionDal Col, Valentina
E. Sovernigo - Doctoral Thesis - Influence of nanostructured heterojunctions on the electrical properties of photovoltaic cells.pdf.jpg8-apr-2011Influence of nanostructured heterojunctions on the electrical properties of photovoltaic cellsSovernigo, Enrico
Sciuto_PhD.pdf.jpg29-mar-2012Innovative latent heat thermal storage elements design based on nanotechnologiesSciuto, Giacomo
Sammito_PhD_Thesis.pdf.jpg9-apr-2013Integration of plasmonic gratings into optoelectronic devicesSammito, Davide
THESIS_ScottiN_def.pdf.jpg26-mar-2015Laboratory evaluation of several nanofilled dental resin composites: mechanical and chemical propertiesScotti, Nicola
Coceano.pdf.jpg24-mar-2015Local measurement of breast cancer cells mechanical propertiesCoceano, Giovanna
Ambrosini - Tesi.pdf.jpg9-apr-2013MBE growth of self-assisted GaAs nanowires and their characterizationAmbrosini, Stefano
Thesis_DANIELE BORIN_1.pdf.jpg23-mar-2015Micromechanical oscillators for biochemical applicationsBorin, Daniele
Bidoggia_phd.pdf.jpg9-apr-2013Mixed-monolayer protected gold nanoparticles for applications in medicineBidoggia, Silvia
Santese_phd.pdf.jpg25-mar-2014Molecular modeling of multi-functional nanostructured materials and coatingsSantese, Francesca
Posocco_Paola.pdf.jpg8-apr-2010Multiscale Molecular Simulation of Nanostructured SystemsPosocco, Paola