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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Ambrosini - Tesi.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2013MBE growth of self-assisted GaAs nanowires and their characterizationAmbrosini, Stefano
Thesis_DANIELE BORIN_1.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2015Micromechanical oscillators for biochemical applicationsBorin, Daniele
Bidoggia_phd.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2013Mixed-monolayer protected gold nanoparticles for applications in medicineBidoggia, Silvia
Santese_phd.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2014Molecular modeling of multi-functional nanostructured materials and coatingsSantese, Francesca
Posocco_Paola.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2010Multiscale Molecular Simulation of Nanostructured SystemsPosocco, Paola
Travan_Andrea.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2010Nanocomposite systems based on metal nanoparticles and polysaccharides for biomedical applicationsTravan, Andrea
cozzarini_phd.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2012Nanomaterials based on II-VI SemiconductorsCozzarini, Luca
Luca Fontanive - PhD thesis OPENSTAR.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2011Nanoscale intercation for higher efficiency of contrast mediaFontanive, Luca
Corvaglia_phd.pdf.jpg27-Mar-2014Nanoscale platform to study unstructured proteins interactionsCorvaglia, Stefania
Miniussi_phd.pdf.jpg27-Mar-2014Nanoscale properties of graphene-based interfacesMiniussi, Elisa
Frassetto_Doctoral Thesis.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2014Nanostructural analysis of the adhesive interface in dentistryFrassetto, Andrea
Palma_phd.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2014Nanostructured dye-sensitized solar cellsPalma, Giuseppina
Ph.D thesis - Lianqin Wang.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2015Nanostructured Electrocatalysts for Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel CellsWang, Lianqin
Appendix I.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2012Nanostructured substrates to control the Embryonic Stem cells differentiation into neuronal lineageMigliorini, Elisa
Yanxin Chen PhD thesis upload.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2013Nanostructured TiO2 Based Materials for electrocatalysis and PhotoelectrocatalysisChen, Yan Xin
Lucafo_phd.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2013Nanostrutture di carbonio come vettori per farmaci antitumoraliLucafo', Marianna
Era_PhD.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2012Nanotechnological applications and pharmacogenetic researchEra, Daniel
PhD Thesis Mario Ganau Graduate School of Nanotechnology Trieste.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2013Nanotechnology Applications in Quantitative Neuroscience: Proteomic Analysis of Malignant GliomasGanau, Mario
Zanusso_phd.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2013Nanotecnologie in oncologia: farmacogenetica e farmacogenomica per l'ottimizzazione delle terapie antitumoraliZanusso, Chiara
Dalmiglio_phd.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2010Oxidation of supported PtRh partcles:size and morphology effectsDalmiglio, Matteo Maria