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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
MilovanovicTESI.pdf.jpg27-Apr-2012National identity of the Serbs in Croatia: from constitutive people to minorityMilovanovic, Jelena
chis_dissertation.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2008"New Regionalism" and Development of Transborder Cooperation in European Union (A prospective analyses)Chis, Liliana Maria
Walking Local Achieving Global.pdf.jpg17-Apr-2009Pan European Corridors of Transport Infrastructure-Driving Sustainable Developments and Partnerships towards a well-being societyMulita, Reis
tesi dottorato adriana hrelja.pdf.jpg17-Apr-2009La Regione Istria: la cooperazione transfrontaliera quale mezzo per raggiungere l'integrazione europeaHrelja, Adriana
I ROM, CITTADINI EUROPEI.pdf.jpg17-Apr-2009I rom, cittadini europeiStancu, Daniela
Catalina_Lupu_PhD[1].pdf.jpg17-Apr-2009Russia and EU at crossroads. The role of the Black Sea region in the European energy securityLupu, Catalina
bursic_phd.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2013The Construction of the Italian Citizenship: The Case of Dual Citizens Living in IstriaBursic, Edgar
Alessio_phd.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2013The impact of migrations on ethnically connoted areas: a case studyAlessio, Angela
Lussi_Pdf.pdf.jpg16-Apr-2014The role of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) as strategic practice in the EU Policies and cooperation tools for 2014-2020Lussi, Manoela
PhD THESIS Salvatore Pantaleo  2008.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2008Transnational Regionalism-Transnational regionalism as a grassroots demands for building governance institutions across the italo slovenian border.Pantaleo, Salvatore
tesi.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2008Welfare transfrontaliero per la vita quotidiana. Modello di sviluppolocale per le regioni di confine. Il caso dell'area transfrontaliera italo-slovena.Del Bianco, Daniele