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Ritt19_Fresno.pdf.jpg2017Approaching Engagement in Audio DescriptionFresno, Nazaret
Ritt19_MatamalaOrero.pdf.jpg2017Audio Description and Social AcceptabilityMatamala, Anna; Orero, Pilar
Ritt19_Perego3.pdf.jpg2017Audio description norms in Italy: state of the art and the case of “Senza Barriere”Perego, Elisa
Ritt19_Bardini.pdf.jpg2017Audio Description Style and the Film Experience of Blind Spectators: Design of a Reception StudyBardini, Floriane
Ritt19_Perego.pdf.jpg2017Audio Description: A Laboratory for the Development of a New Professional ProfilePerego, Elisa
Ritt19_Perego2.pdf.jpg2017IntroductionPerego, Elisa
Ritt19_Walczak.pdf.jpg2017Measuring immersion in audio description with Polish blind and visually impaired audiencesWalczak, Agnieszka
Ritt19_Jankowska_etAl.pdf.jpg2017Reading rate in filmic audio descriptionJankowska, Anna; Ziółko, Bartosz; Igras-Cybulska, Magdalena; Psiuk, Agata