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Fornasa_phd.pdf.jpg13-Apr-2015Application of linear and nonlinear methods for processing HRV and EEG signalsFornasa, Elisa
Turconi tesi PhD.pdf.jpg17-Apr-2015Development and testing of applications and algorithms to improve BCI systems performance.Turconi, Marcello Maria
T02_Coricelli.pdf.jpg2016Distinct brain representations of natural and manufactured foods: a spatio-temporal brain dynamics investigationCoricelli, Carol; Toepel, Ulrike; Bielser, Marie-Laure; Murray, Micah M.; Rumiati, Raffaella I.
P12_DeDea.pdf.jpg2016EEG connectivity in sleep spindles of ADHD childrenDe Dea, Federica; Zanus, Caterina; Carrozzi, Marco; Accardo, Antonino
cusenza_phd.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2012Fractal analysis of the EEG and clinical applicationsCusenza, Monica
18_RIMUT48.pdf.jpg2016Uniqueness result for an inverse conductivity recovery problem with application to EEGClerc, Maureen; Leblond, Juliette; Marmorat, Jean-Paul; Papageorgakis, Christos