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AnteprimaData di edizioneTitoloAutore/i
Seid_Hossein_Pakdast_PhD_Thesis_FINAL.pdf.jpg29-mar-2012Advanced MEMS resonator for mass detection and micromechanical transistorPakdast, Seid Hossein
DEste PhD Thesis OpenstarTs.pdf.jpg29-mar-2012Bio-sample environment manipulation using advanced microscopy techniquesD'este, Elisa
Virgilio Francesca - PhD Thesis.pdf.jpg27-mar-2014Development of electrochemical sensors by nanofabrication techniques for biological and medical diagnostics.Virgilio, Francesca
THESIS-Birarda_firmata_secured.pdf.jpg8-apr-2011Development of microfluidic devices for biomedical applications of synchrotron radiation infrared microspectroscopyBirarda, Giovanni
Tamiraa Ganbold PhD Thesis.pdf.jpg25-mar-2015Development of quantum well structures for multi band photon detectionGanbold, Tamiraa
E. Sovernigo - Doctoral Thesis - Influence of nanostructured heterojunctions on the electrical properties of photovoltaic cells.pdf.jpg8-apr-2011Influence of nanostructured heterojunctions on the electrical properties of photovoltaic cellsSovernigo, Enrico
Lozza_Valentina_PhD.pdf.jpg12-mar-2010Low energy low background photon counter for wisp search experimentsLozza, Valentina
phdthesis_vieri.pdf.jpg14-mar-2014Measurement of the associated productionof a Z boson and b quarksin proton-proton collisions at √s = 8 TeVwith the CMS experiment at LHCCandelise, Vieri
thesis_wack.pdf.jpg14-mar-2014Measurement of the nuclear and isotopic composition of galactic cosmic rays with the PAMELA experiment.Formato, Valerio
Thesis_DANIELE BORIN_1.pdf.jpg23-mar-2015Micromechanical oscillators for biochemical applicationsBorin, Daniele
Appendix I.pdf.jpg29-mar-2012Nanostructured substrates to control the Embryonic Stem cells differentiation into neuronal lineageMigliorini, Elisa
Tesi_Totaro_definitiva_PhD_XXII.pdf.jpg29-mar-2011Search for a standard model Higgs boson in the tau-tau decay channel produced in proton-antiproton collisions at the center of mass energy of 1.96 TeV at TevatronTotaro, Pierluigi
messineo_phd.pdf.jpg29-mar-2011The MIR experiment: quantum vacuum and dynamical Casimir effectMessineo, Giuseppe