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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
tesi_cumani.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2015Analysis and estimation of the scientific performance of the GAMMA-400 experimentCumani, Paolo
schizzi_phd.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2015Associated production of W bosons and two jets from b quarksat the CMS experiment.Schizzi, Andrea
PhdThesis_Rossi.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2010Charm production in proton-proton collisions at the LHC with the ALICE detectorRossi, Andrea
salvini_phd.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2014Double Parton Scattering in Proton-Nucleus CollisionsSalvini, Simona
riassunto.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2009Fluid dynamics constrains affecting the intense atmospheric vorticesGladich, Ivan
gpesaro_phd_final_frontespizio_firmato.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2011Measurement at COMPASS of transverse spin effects on identified hadrons on a transversely polarised proton targetPesaro, Giulia
bdr_dot.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2009Measurement of the branching ratio of the charmless decay Bs to phi phi at CDF IIDi Ruzza, Benedetto
tesi_PhD_lalicata.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2015Measurement of the production cross section of a Z boson in association with exactly one or at least two b jets with the CMS experiment at LHCLa Licata, Chiara
pinamonti_phd.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2012Measurement of the top-antitop production cross-section with the ATLAS experiment at the LHCPinamonti, Michele
Tesi_S_Levorato_XXI_ciclo.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2009Measurement of transverse spin effects in COMPASS on a polarised proton targetLevorato, Stefano
abstract ita sozzi.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2008Measurement of transverse spin effects in compass.Sozzi, Federica
tesi2.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2012Measurement of two-hadron transverse spinasymmetries in SIDIS at COMPASSElia, Carmine
sbrizzai_phd.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2011Measurements of transverse momentum dependent azimuthal asymmetries in SIDIS at COMPASSSbrizzai, Giulio
tesi.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2010Neutron induced fission cross section measurements aimed at nuclear technology developmentBelloni, Francesca
tesi.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2008Noise characterization of silicon strip detectors-comparison of sensors with and without integrated jfet source-follower.Giacomini, Gabriele
lea_pdh.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2013Produzione di ipernuclei leggeri in collisioni Pb-Pb con l'esperimento ALICE a LHCLea, Ramona
dorigo_phd.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2013Search for New Physics in the Bs -> J/psi phi and Bs -> phi phi decays at CDFDorigo, Mirco
takekawa_phd.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2010Study of T-odd parton distribution functions in polarised Drell-Yan processes at COMPASSTakekawa, Stefano
montanino_phd.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2013Study of the associated production of a Z boson and jets in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV at CMSMontanino, Damiana
venaruzzo_phd.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2011Study of the strange resonance sigma (1385) as a tool for the analysis of the dynamics of the Quark Gluon Plasma in the ALICE experiment at LHCVenaruzzo, Massimo