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9_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021119 The … in the Jungle: The Sounds—and the Sounding—of Silence in Late JamesAnesko, Michael
10_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021“All the voices and light footsteps”: Macbeth and the Incantatory Power of Speech in “The Aspern Papers”Di Biase, Carmine G.
4_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021“… between absolute silence and absolute sound”: Orchestrating the Action in Henry James’s The SaloonMacCormack, Dee
2_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021Henry James and MusicWalker, Pierre A.
3_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021Henry James: “In the Minor Key”Scott, Rebekah
12_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021Imitation and the Construction of Tradition: Henry James and the Representation of the American VoiceSonoko, Saito
Intonti_Transiti_Volume_I.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2017In poësi pictura: la painterlike vision di Henry JamesIntonti, Vittoria
6_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021“I keep a band of music in my ante-room”: Henry James and the Sound of IntrospectionDespotopoulou, Anna
11_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021Liquid Sound, Fluid Gender: Speech and Sexuality in the New York Edition’s “The Siege of London”Lawrence, Kathleen
17_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021Listening to/and James: A Look Back at the 8th International Conference of the Henry James SocietyIannuzzi, Giulia
14_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021“Mildly Theatrical”: Attending (to) The Awkward AgeHorne, Philip
5_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021Music in The Sacred FountO’Leary, Joseph S.
8_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021Sound, Speech and Silence in “The Jolly Corner”Chen, Li
16_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021Sounds Strangely Familiar: John Banville’s Jamesian PasticheLayne, Bethany
7_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021The Haunted Theater of Fiction: Silence and Sound in “The Turn of the Screw”Kitahara, Taeko
8IntConferenceHenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021The Sound of James. The Aural Dimension in Henry James’s Work. Papers from the 8th International Conference of the Henry James Society. Trieste, 4-6 July 2019
13_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021The Sound of the “Right Letter”: An Attempt at Deciphering “The Figure in the Carpet”Zieliński, Jan
15_HenryJamesSociety_online.pdf.jpg2021The Sound of “Scenarios”Ross, Melanie