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Balog_Irena_thesis_2014.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2015Analysis of fluid-mechanical efficiency of offshore wind turbines from regional to local scaleBalog, Irena
Siena_phd.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2013Caratterizzazione della permeabilità in mezzi porosi sintetici e naturali.Siena, Martina
Stocca_phd.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2010Development of a predictive LES model for the study of the pollutant dispersion in urban areasStocca, Valentina
Thesis_SAEED_HARIRI.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2013Dynamical characteristics of the Adriatic Sea using Lagrangian methodsHariri, Saeed
Thesis_Yari.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2009Heat and salt transport across the strait of OtrantoYari, Sadegh
zanier_phd.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2015High Resolution Model to Predict Oil Spill Dispersion in Harbour and Coastal AreasZanier, Giulia
Stipcich_dissertation.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2012High-order methods for computational fluid dynamicsStipcich, Goran
bressan_phd.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2010Large Eddy Simulation of turbulence around a scoured Bridge AbutmentBressan, Filippo
tesi_federico_roman_2009.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2009Large eddy simulation tool for environmental and industrial processesRoman, Federico
GALEA_phd.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2014Large-Eddy Simulation for wind and tidally driven sea circulation in coastal semi-closed areas.Galea, Anthony
Sosnowski_PhD_thesis.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2013Numerical investigation of evaporation and condensation of thin films in conjugated heat transfer systemsSosnowski, Pawel
PhDThesisPetronio_finalVersion.pdf.jpg30-May-2011Numerical Investigation of evaporation and condensation within a tubPetronio, Andrea
Gsilano_PhDthesis.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2009Numerical simulations of thermal convection at high Prandtl numbersSilano, Gabriella
FOROOZANI_phd.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2015Numerical Study of Turbulent Rayleigh-Benard Convection with Cubic confinementForoozani, Najmeh
Zamboni_L_PhD_thesisUNITS.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2009Seasonal variability of precipitation over South Eastern South America: its relationship with upper level circulation as physical base for predictionsZamboni, Laura
Thesis_M_Vukicevic.pdf.jpg30-May-2011Vortex formation behind movable leaflet: experimental and numerical studiesVukicevic, Marija
tesi_Fakhari.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2015Wall-Layer Modelling of massive separation in Large Eddy Simulation of coastal flowsFakhari, Ahmad