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SlavicaTer_24-2020-1_02-Perica.pdf.jpg2020Aesthetic "Traditions and Perspectives" and the Politics of the Yugoslav 1968Perica, Ivana
SlavicaTer_24-2020-1_06-Balzalorsky-Antic.pdf.jpg2020May ’68 and the Emergence of écriture féminine: The French Centre and the Slovenian PeripheryBalžalorsky Antić, Varja
SlavicaTer_24-2020-1_05-Gvozden.pdf.jpg2020Protests of 1968: The Politics of Memory or the Memory of Politics?Gvozden, Vladimir
SlavicaTer_24-2020-1_05-Gabric.pdf.jpg2020Slovenian Intellectuals of the 1960s from the Political Point of ViewGabrič, Aleš