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Data di edizioneTitoloAutore/i
26-mar-2010Biomaterials for biotechnological applications: synthesis and activity evaluationsPerin, Danilo
13-apr-2015Biomolecules as recognition elements for bioactive diterpenes in coffeeGuercia, Elena
11-apr-2014Biovalorizzazione di substrati organici mediante processi anaerobiciRubesa Fernandez, Adriana Spela
8-apr-2011Carbon nanotechnologies for drug deliveryFabbro, Chiara
26-mar-2010Carbon Nanotubes and Neurons:Nanotechnology Application to the Nervous SystemCipollone, Sara
26-mar-2012Cationic Carbon Nanotubes for Nucleic Acids DeliveryBattigelli, Alessia
17-apr-2012Characterization of the risk of palytoxin and analogues as seafood contaminantsDel Favero, Giorgia
17-apr-2012Computational methods for rational screening and engineering of enzyme propertiesKnapic, Lorena
26-mar-2010Cyclic polyether phycotoxins in vitro studies: effects of yessotoxin on a primary culture of rat cardiomyocytes-comparison of ciguatoxins and brevetoxins potency on human VGSC of brain and peripheral sensory neurons expressed in HEK293 cellsDell'ovo, Valeria
17-apr-2012Design and synthesis of artificial porphyrin nanoporesBoccalon, Mariangela
30-apr-2015Design and Synthesis of Perylene-Based Supramolecular Hybrids for Novel Technological ApplicationsBonasera, Aurelio
13-apr-2015Design and synthesis of trans-A2B2 and trans-A2BC dipyridylporphyrins: new building blocks for the self-assembly of metallacyclic supramolecular structuresMilano, Domenico
30-apr-2015Design of multifunctional systems based on carbon nanomaterials.Lucío Benito, Maria Isabel
5-apr-2011Design, synthesis and biological investigations of new potent and selective adenosine receptor antagonistsFederico, Stephanie
26-mar-2010Development of chiral nitrogen ligands for application in homogeneous catalysisFanfoni, Lidia
26-mar-2010Development of computational methods for the simulation of enzymes under operational conditionsFerrario, Valerio
23-apr-2013Development of palladium catalysts with nitrogen-donor ligands for controlled copolymerization reactionsMeduri, Angelo
26-mar-2010Effetti di strutturazione di materiali a base di ossidi inorganici di tipo "aerogel-like" per applicazioni nel campo di catalisi e di isolanti ad alta efficienzaPadovese, Elena
25-mar-2011Energy from crops: experimental study and dynamic simulation of biogas production by anaerobic digestion of complex substratesStefani, Nicola
8-apr-2011Enzymes as catalysts in polymer chemistrySinigoi, Loris