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Mitja Martelanc.pdf.jpg2014Antioxidative blood status assessment by the free bilirubin assayMartelanc, Mitja; et al.
Antonella Bandiera.pdf.jpg2014Biomimetic poypeptides: a new strategy for muscle tissue regenerationBandiera, Antonella; Lorenzon, Paola; D’Andrea, Paola
Alberto Bertolini.pdf.jpg2014Btl-like proteins as molecular markers to evaluate polyphenol accumulation potential and maturation rate in grapeBertolini, Alberto; et al.
Morena Silvestrini.pdf.jpg2014Electrochemical biosensors for sensitive molecular diagnosticsSilvestrini, Morena; et al.
Franja Šulek.pdf.jpg2014Inhibitory effects of chitosan coating against biofilm formation on metal implantsŠulek, Franja; Milošev, Ingrid
Luigina De Leo.pdf.jpg2014Intestinal antitransglutaminase antibodies to discover genetic gluten intoleranceDe Leo, Luigina; Not, Tarcisio
Maša Černelič Bizjak.pdf.jpg2014Link between psychology and biology: dissatisfaction, inflammation and healthČernelič Bizjak, Maša; Jenko-Pražnikar, Zala
Vanessa Nicolin.pdf.jpg2014Metabolic bone disorders: from bench to bedsideNicolin, Vanessa; De Iaco, Doriano; Valentini, Roberto
Maura Barbisin.pdf.jpg2014Novel markers for neurodegenerationBarbisin, Maura; Vanni, Silvia; Legname, Giuseppe
Marco Zancani.pdf.jpg2014Search for compounds able to modulate fof1 atp synthase in switching from life enzyme to cell death executorZancani, Marco; et al.
Jovana Čvorović.pdf.jpg2014Sensitivity of colon cancer cells to dietary flavonoidsČvorović, Jovana; et al.
Alessandro Baldan.pdf.jpg2014Severe osteopenia in adolescence: poor bone health for lifeBaldan, Alessandro; et al.
Polona Likar.pdf.jpg2014Spectral analysis of heart rate variability for assessment of autonomic nervous system activity during head-up tilt table testingLikar, Polona; et al.
Ana Petelin b.pdf.jpg2014The association of adiponectin polymorphisms with food intakePetelin, Ana; et al.
The enigma of flavonoids.pdf.jpg2014The enigma of flavonoids and bilitranslocase activity in the cardiovascular systemŽiberna, Lovro; Sabina, Passamonti
Francesca D’Este.pdf.jpg2014Towards novel strategies to prevent prosthetic joint infection: the potential of cationic Antimicrobial peptidesD’Este, Francesca; et al.