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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2012A Bader’s topological approach for the characterization of pressure induced phase transitionsParisi, Filippo
2010A Basic Business Model for Commercial Application of Identification ToolsKittl, Christian; Schalk, Peter; Dorigo Salamon, Nicola; Martellos, Stefano
2018A bibliographical (and not only) correspondence: letters of Simone Assemani to Giovanni Bernardo De RossiCallegari, Marco
2018A bijection between phylogenetic trees and plane oriented recursive treesProdinger, Helmut
1995A Bitter Journey: The "Passing" Mulatta as "Expatriate": in Jessie Redmon Fauset's 'Plum Bun'Kroell, Sonja
2012A boundary value problem on the half-line for superlinear differential equations with changing sign weightMarini, Mauro; Matucci, Serena
2012A Brief PresentationZanni, Nicoletta
2013A car lane-changing model under bus priority-lane effectsVu Tu, Tran; Sano, Kazushi
2010A catalogue of bird bones: an exercise in semantic web practiceGudmundsson, Gudmundur; Brewington, Seth D.; McGovern, Thomas H.; Petersen, Aevar
2002A changing world presents challenges and opportunities for road transportLaeremans, Paul
1970A characterization of compact filterbasis in complete metric spacesFuri, Massimo; Martelli, Mario
1970A characterization of compact filters in complete uniform spacesFacini, Gianni
1999A characterization of non-archimedeanly quasimetrizable spacesArenas, F. G.; Sánchez-Granero, M.A.
2001A City of the Mind: Ciaran Carson's BelfastBonacci, Giulio
1984A class of linear operators in periodic function spaces including difference-differential operatorsZennaro, Marino
9-Apr-2013A closer look at heterogeneous catalysis: reaction intermediates at the single-molecule levelPeronio, Angelo
2001A Code for m-Bipartite Edge-Coloured GraphsCasali, Maria Rita; Gagliardi, Carlo
2010A collaborative and distributed identification tool for plantsLaroche, Philippe
2007A colpo d’occhio… Giocando con le stime e le misureDeclich, Antonella; Pellegrini, Giuliana
2010A community of agents as a tool to optimize industrial districts logisticsTiso, Annamaria; Dell'Orco, Mauro; Sassanelli, Domenico