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Scaff_E&P_VII_2005_2.pdf.jpg2005Weber, Art, and Social TheoryScaff, Lawrence A.
BallicoRendMat30.pdf.jpg1998Weierstrass points, inflection points and ramification points of curvesBallico, Edoardo
GeorgievDanconaKubo.pdf.jpg2000Weighted Strichartz Estimate for the Wave Equation and Low Regularity SolutionsGeorgiev, Vladimir; D'Ancona, P.; Kubo, Hideo
welcome_address.pdf.jpg2014Welcome addressesFermeglia, Maurizio ; Gerzabek, Martin H.; Vitouch, Oliver; Veskovic´, Miroslav
2010Welcome Office Friuli Venezia Giulia. Modelli organizzativi e processi condivisi per l’accoglienza internazionaleFranco, Ciro; Pierdomenico, Ilaria; Tonini, Ginevra
Leck_Bekhor_Gat_ET40.pdf.jpg2008Welfare economic impacts of transportation improvements in a peripheral regionLeck, Eran; Bekhor, Shlomo; Gat, Daniel
3_Poliarchie-4-numero2-2021-OpenstarTs-2.pdf.jpg2021Well-being and health promotion. Networks, values and transitions in sport and physical activityPONTELLO ELISABETTA
SobolevskiiRendMat28s.pdf.jpg1996Well-Posedness of difference elliptic equationSobolevskii, Pavel E.
Rasini_E&P_XIII_2011_2.pdf.jpg2011“Weltoffenheit”: zeitgenössische philosophische Anthropologie im Zwischenbereich von Geist und NaturRasini, Vallori
-West & East I (2016)
W&E_II_2017.pdf.jpg2017West & East II (2017)
W&E III 2018 cop.jpg.jpg2018West & East III (2018)
W&E_IV_2019.pdf.jpg2019West & East IV (2019)
W&E-2021.pdf.jpg2021West & East V (2020)
1_Futuribili_2020-OpenstarTs.pdf.jpg2020Western and Eastern values are complementaryNatarajan, Ashok
baldry.pdf.jpg2008What are concordances for? Getting multimodal concordances to perform neat tricks in the university teaching and testing cycleBaldry, Anthony
NAESSTROEM.pdf.jpg2014What Bounds A-Legality?Näsström, Sofia
10.pdf.jpgDec-1990What conference interpreters should not be expected to doKondo, Masaomi
Rossi_et_al_6ConvegnoOstracodologi.pdf.jpg2012What does egg size tell us about development and hatching time in Heterocypris incongruens?Rossi, Valeria; Zatorri, Matteo; Perotti, Alessio; Benassi, Giorgio; Menozzi, Paolo
O_Neill_miscellanea_04.pdf.jpg2000What gives (with Derrida)?O'Neill, John