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copertina_ET17.jpg.jpg2001European Transport / Trasporti Europei (2001) 17/VII
coverET18.jpg.jpg2001European Transport / Trasporti Europei (2001) 18/VII
Copertina_ET24.jpg.jpg2003European Transport / Trasporti Europei (2003) 24/IX
1997 N.6 Nijkamp, Pepping.pdf.jpg1997European Transport Networds, telematics and the environmentNijkamp, Peter; Pepping, Gerard
06_Graziosi.pdf.jpg2008European Union Railway LiberalisationGraziosi, Grazia
Ayodele_E&P_XI_2009_1.pdf.jpg2009Euthanasia: Some Critical RemarksAyodele, Adejumobi Olatidoye
Messina_VisioniLA_7_2012.pdf.jpg2012Una evaluación de los gobiernos Kirchner: el impacto sobre la exclusión social de los cambios en las políticas sociales argentinasM. Messina, Giuseppe
Martin_Betancor_ET32.pdf.jpg2006Evaluating different pricing policies on social welfare: an application to Madrid BarajasMartin, Juan Carlos; Betancor, Ofelia
Kulenovic_E&P_XIII_2011_2.pdf.jpg2011Evaluating Political Claims Based on Cultural IdentityKulenović, Enes
Browne_Woodburn_Allen_ET35.pdf.jpg2007Evaluating the potential for urban consolidation centresBrowne, Michael; Woodburn, Allan; Allen, Julian
8043-RACZ.pdf.jpg2017Evaluation of anatomic all and mark calibration accuracy of a motion capture based gait analysis systemRácz, Kristóf; Palya, Zsofia; Takács, Mária; Kiss, Rita M.
8064-MALEK2.pdf.jpg2017Evaluation of changes in muscular strength during bench pressMauthe, Patryk; Małek, Martina; Płaneta, Brygida; Mazurkiewicz, Adam
8085-GAZIC.pdf.jpg2017Evaluation of out-of-plane deformation of masonry infill walls due to in-plane loading by digital image correlationGazić, Goran; Dokšanović, Tihomir; Draganić, Hrvoje
Rudel_ET25_26.pdf.jpg2004Evaluation of quality attributes in the freight transport market. Stated preference experiments in SwitzerlandRudel, Roman
8063-MALEK.pdf.jpg2017Evaluation of selected aspects of the coordination abilities of individuals practicing Vo Quyen martial artMałek, Martina; Płaneta, Brygida; Słomion, Małgorzata; Mazurkiewicz, Adam
Ieromonachou_Potter_Warren_ET32.pdf.jpg2006Evaluation of the implementation process of urban road pricing schemes in the United Kingdom and ItalyIeromonachou, Petros; Potter, Stephen; Warren, James P.
GERDOL_TOMASELLI_25-39.pdf.jpg1984Evaluation of vegetation classifications from peatlands in the Dolomites (S-Alps)Gerdol, Renato; Tomaselli, Marcello
CALDELLI_257-275.pdf.jpg28-Jun-2016Evergetismo femminile ad Ostia tra tarda repubblica ed età alto-imperialeCaldelli, Maria Letizia
pocecco_Cogito1_online.pdf.jpg2016Everyday Multiculturalism: Individual Experience of Cultural DiversityPocecco, Antonella