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10_Gusso_183-206.pdf.jpg1988L'evoluzione urbana e territoriale di CaorleGusso, Paolo F.
tigor_VI_calderaro_11.pdf.jpg2011Evoluzione, stasi e regressione nei Dubliners di James JoyceCalderaro, Michela A.
3. Morganti-F-2014=Esercizi Filosofici-09.1=pp27-42.pdf.jpgJul-2014Evoluzionismo e teologia naturale: il caso di Herbert SpencerMorganti, Federico
De_Cazanove-Ex-voto.pdf.jpg2013'Ex voto' anatomici animali in Italia e in GalliaOlivier, De Cazanove
8033-BERNADETT.pdf.jpg2017Examination Of Sailors’Balancing Ability Considering The Role Of The Head MovementKiss, Bernadett; Nagymáté, Gergely; Kiss, Rita M.
2022Examples of non-effective rays at the boundary of the Mori cone of blow-ups of the planeCiliberto, Ciro; Miranda, Rick
Excerpta-from-Catalogue.pdf.jpg2011Excerpta from Catalogue
Lijoi et al Atti Economia e Incertezza.pdf.jpg2010Exchangeable random partitions for statistical and economic modellingLijoi, Antonio; Muliere, Pietro; Prünster, Igor; Taddei, Filippo
orlando_ritt15.pdf.jpg2014Executing the instructions. An empirical investigation into the usability of technical translations done by traineesOrlando, Daniele
CGL 6.pdf.jpg2011Exempla elocutionumArusianus Messius
05_BELLINI.pdf.jpg2018Exemplars’ Sway over Untaken Possibilities of my Individuality. How Exemplariness Differs from Personal Influence and Participation in Others’ LivesBellini, Bianca
gefter_wondrich.pdf.jpg2014Exhibitionary Forms in Ireland: James Joyce’s Exhibits of Irish ModernityGefter Wondrich, Roberta
BadiiRendMat32.pdf.jpg2000Existence and uniqueness of periodic solutions for a quasilinear parabolic problemBadii, Maurizio
RIMUT_46_Bianchini_Dabrowsky.pdf.jpg23-Dec-2014Existence and uniqueness of the gradient flow of the Entropy in the space of probability measuresBianchini, Stefano; Dabrowsky, Alexander
DjellitBenouhibaRendMat31.pdf.jpg1999Existence de valeurs propres principales pour un problème elliptique en dimension 2Djellit, A.; Benouhiba, N.
2020Existence of attractors when diffusion and reaction have polynomial growthAhmad, Shair; Le, Dung
KurzweilRendMat02.pdf.jpg1970Existence of global solutions of delayed differential equations on compact manifoldsKurzweil, Jaroslav
GirottoHolzer2RendMat20.pdf.jpg1988Existence of invariant masses. An elementary treatmentGirotto, Bruno; Holzer, Silvano
PapaliniRendMat24.pdf.jpg1992Existence of solutions for differential inclusions without convexityPapalini, Francesca
ZhichengRendMat21.pdf.jpg1989Existence of solutions to the problem of nonequilibrium phase changeZhicheng, Guan